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Men arrested for selling fireworks

Three men arrested for selling fireworks, one with 188 boxes

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Sharjah: Two Emiratis and a Bangladeshi were arrested on charges of trading in fireworks in Sharjah in the past two days. The police said the arrest of the three was the result of an intensive campaign against the illegal trade in explosives.

An Emirati man, S.J.A,, was arrested for possession of 188 boxes of firecrackers, and for illegally selling these to children from his home in Sharjah.

The Criminal Invesigation Department of Sharjah Police was tipped off about a man selling firecrackers to children without a licence.

The other two men were arrested by the police on charges of trading in fireworks. The suspects were arrested in two separate incidents for importing and trading illegal fireworks in Sharjah.

In the first case, an Emirati identified as A.A.A. was arrested in possession of a large amount of fireworks for the purpose of trading in Sharjah without a licence from the security services. The quantity of fireworks seized in the operation was not specified.

The police, however, arrested Bangladeshi M.F.A. for illegal possession of a large quatntity of fireworks.

Sharjah police stressed the dangers associated with trading in fireworks to members of society in general and children in particular. Any accidents caused by these fireworks can be life-threatening and mean an end to all the joy and festivity of the month of Ramadan and Eid. TThey also urged the public to report any negative behaviour, be it the trading in firecrackers or anything that affects the community negatively, on the toll free number 800151.

With input from Noor Nazzal, Intern with Gulf News