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Laundry drying on balconies irks developers

Discovery, Greens residents say people drying their washing in public gives their locality a downmarket look

shabby look:
Image Credit: Xpress /Francois Nel
Everything from clothes to towels and even underwear seen hanging out for theworld to see at Discovery Gardens

Dubai: Developers in posh areas are being urged to take action against people drying their laundry on balconies and windows.

People in communities like The Greens and Discovery Gardens say these areas are getting a down-market look.

Jessica Bilson, a British apartment owner in Discovery Gardens, said, "I've seen a lot of people hanging their clothes out of windows or in balconies. This just ruins the look of the area and makes it scruffy and unkempt. It just looks like a badly-maintained housing estate," she said.

Amanda Coles, an American tenant there, however, feels people should be allowed to dry their clothes in balconies. "I live in a studio, so there is very little space for me to put the clothes out to dry in my apartment.

"I can't see the logic in punishing people for this," she said.

The Greens

In The Greens residents are warned by developers not to leave their clothes out to dry in balconies. Despite this everything from shirts and trousers to towels and bedsheets can be seen drying in the summer sun outside apartments.

James McDonald, a Canadian from The Greens said: "I live opposite a guy who has his washing out on the balcony. Sometimes it's there for days on end.

"I was told not to put clothes out to dry in the balcony because of fines, but I never saw anyone do any inspections. When you see half a dozen balconies on each building with clothes out drying, it does lower the [look of the] area."

Briton Samantha Evans, who lives in The Greens said, "At the moment a lot of people are just ignoring the rule and no one is doing anything about it. Either Emaar says OK put your clothes out or they catch these people and warn them," she said.

An Emaar Properties spokesperson said, "As part of the master community rules, hanging of laundry outside on clotheslines, balconies, or other apparatus visible to other residents from the street or the ground level of a neighbouring lot or the external common area is not permitted."

However, a Nakheel spokesperson said, "A large portion of buildings at Discovery Gardens are owned by third parties. As the master developer we are working with Trakhees to undertake formal compliance notices and take enforcement action."

Drying of laundry in public is also banned in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.



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Why don’t the developers make units with laundry rooms?


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