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Lamborghini ‘abandoned’ in Sharjah street

Italian supercar left on main road for days

Image Credit: Faisal Masudi/Gulf News
A Lamborghini supercar is seen abandoned in Sharjah’s Al Khan Corniche area.
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Sharjah: Onlookers have been left baffled by a Lamborghini supercar apparently abandoned on a main road in Sharjah.

The luxury ride – worth roughly Dh750,000 – has been gathering dust for about a week on Al Khan Corniche Street, in front of the Palm Tower 1 residential building.

The tower’s tenants and security said they had no information on who left the Italian coupe there or why it has not moved since.

They added that people have been posing for pictures with the car and jotting down memos on its dusty body. “Call me if you want to sell,” read one note. “Please wash me,” said another.

A shopkeeper in the building said: “I’m so tired of it — everyone who walks in asks me ‘hey, what’s the story with the car?’ I don’t know, no one really does.”

A security guard in the tower said police are aware of the car’s presence and they may have slapped a fine. “I saw police writing down something in front of the car – a fine, perhaps.”

A visitor to the building said his friends have posted their photos with the car on their Facebook page.

The car apparently belongs to a football club player – there is a “Player Pass” card and a football souvenir hanging from the rear view mirror. Also inside is a Gatorade sports drink bottle, a box of Panadol painkillers, and some files and documents, including one from Dubai’s swanky Burj Al Arab hotel.

Information on the car number plate on the Dubai Police website says it is “wanted for impounding” for “driving an unlicensed vehicle.”

There are also several fines registered on the number plate, including a Dh1,000 penalty for parking in a space reserved for special needs. Most of the violations are for illegal parking and Salik, Dubai’s road toll system.

Meanwhile, people and animals have taken liberties with the car, with shoeprints and paw prints visible on the vehicle body.



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For sure there is record to RTA licensing & registration whom itbelongs to. FIGURE IT OUT!


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