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Home police reporting service for special need, sick and old

Police official will visit people with special need, old, sick or those who cannot visit police station to report a case

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Dubai: Home police reporting service of Dubai police will allow special need people, elderly or sick people who cannot visit police stations to report a case to have police official to visit those people at their home to complete the police report procedure.

The home Police reporting service is a community initiative service launched by the General Directorate of Criminal and Investigation Department at Dubai Police (CID), according to senior police official.

Colonel Jamal Al Jallaf, deputy director of the General Department of investigations for control and management at the CID said this service is found in order to assist people with special needs, elderly, sick or those who are under special social or legal circumstances.

“We are giving such people a priority in the care, and we are extending a helping hand to them in order to contribute to alleviate their suffering and to stand by them,” he said.

Colonel Al Jallaf said that in case those cannot visit police station due to their difficulties and if they wish to submit their complaints, or when they want to consult with legal or security official the CID will send to them officials to their place to assist them.

Colonel Al Jallaf said that this idea has be created by the Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamimi, Command in Chief of Dubai Police of by providing a valuable service at the highest levels to all people in the society.

The service aims to overcome any suffering or difficulties among these groups of people in the community that may arise as a result of their restrictions.

“We are helping those people to communicate with the concerned department at police through official channels in their homes, or in a social institutions or hospitals,” said Colonel Al Jallaf.

He said that this service was available on limited way and police received in the first half of this year, 40 complaints from this category of people and it was sorted out at their homes.

“We are looking to extend this service and to make it open widely to people to communicate with us,” he said.

He said any person of special need, elderly, ill, in hospital or in any social institution can the home police service on the toll free inquiries line 800 243 and to explain his or her issue and then and official male or female will visit the complainer at his own place.