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Expensive haircut leaves cat owner fuming

Authorities investigate veterinary clinic in Umm Al Quwain that charged Dh250 to give pet a close shave

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The cat owner claimed that the expensive haircut left her pet ugly.
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Umm Al Quwain: An expensive shave has left a woman with a bald Siamese cat and a Dh250 bill. A ministry of economy investigation is on against a veterinary clinic in Umm Al Quwain which offered the expensive service.

An Emirati woman, A.D., has complained about the owner of a veterinary clinic for demanding Dh250 to give a "haircut" to her cat, Ebrahim Rashid Mosabah, Economic inspector at Ministry of Economy in Umm Al Quwain, said.

Mosabah said the Ministry of Economy in Umm Al Quwain will investigate the veterinarian. He said the Emirati woman brought the bill to the Ministry of Economy's office to file a complaint against the doctor.

"It's more expensive to cut a cat's hair than it is to get treatment at a beauty salon," the Emirati woman said.

She took the cat to the clinic after noticing that its long fur was making movement difficult, she said. The haircut also left cat looking ugly. The veterinarian shaved the cat's fur completely and asked for Dh250.

The MoE office has received a number of complaints against the clinic for demanding high prices for its services, Mosabah added.

The veterinarian, when contacted by the ministry, denied charging an exorbitant rate but insisted that it was fair and competitive. The ministry's investigators found the price for such services to be significantly lower in neighbouring emirates, ranging between Dh75 and Dh100. The veterinarian insisted her high prices reflected what she called the rising cost of living in the UAE.

A penalty will be imposed on the clinic if the investigation finds her to be in violation of rules.



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First of all, a Siamese cat is pointed. This cat is not. Second of all, a Siamese cat is short haired. The picture is of a long haired or Persian domestic cat.Most pet salons and/or vets list their prices. If there was an issue with over pricing, why did the woman go ahead with the grooming in the first place?Dh 250 is not a very high price. It's average for full grooming.Moreover, the owner can specify how the hair is to be groomed. Some owners prefer to have the cats close shaved due to heat, fleas, ticks, etc. Others simply want a trim to beautify.The point is, with no regulation or legislation (at least I am not aware of one), how can there be enforcement of price for pet grooming?


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