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Breaking News: Gulf News launches new SMS service

SMS service set up for Gulf News readers

Image Credit: Javed Nawab/Gulf News
The Gulf News Breaking News SMS service is available to both du and Etisalat subscribers and costs 4 AED per week.
Gulf News

Dubai: For news lovers who really can’t wait to know, Gulf News today launches its latest offering, the breaking news SMS service which aims to be indispensable.

The news offering, which is available to du and etisalat customers — as part of Gulf News celebrations of its 34th anniversary — will use SMS to push breaking stories directly to its subscribers. Suggested bulletins will come from journalists across the newsroom, and then filtered with only the most important headline news sent out by the SMS team.

“Breaking news can come from across the globe, and be hard news, business, and culture or even from the world of sport,” Mohammed Al Mezel, Managing Editor of Gulf News said. “But there will be a unifying theme: It will be the kind of news that matters to a UAE audience; it will be the kind of news you will want to share.

Stories that do make the cut will be sent out to the Gulf News SMS service even before they make the Web. “SMS allows us to push stories to subscribers where we think it will be valuable. Users do not need to come to us — we can inform them directly. This is a service for those people where being up-to-date with the most local, regional, and global stories really matters. SMS is a perfect medium for this.”

Because it is a breaking news service the Gulf News SMS team says the news itself will drive the agenda. What is received, and the number of messages, will depend on the news of the day.

The SMS team says the type of news that will be sent will vary depending upon proximity to the UAE. Local news can be anything from the announcement of holidays to major accidents, while international stories will be the kinds of stories that you see on the cover of the newspaper — only you’ll get them as they’re happening.


How to subscribe

The Gulf News Breaking News SMS service is available to both du and Etisalat subscribers and costs 4 AED per week. Those interested in the service send an SMS short code to either operator.  Details on the short code to both subscribe and unsubscribe:

Short code: 1110                     
Keyword: Gulf                      
To cancel: c Gulf                   
Tariff: Dh4 per week

Short code: 9514
Keyword: sub gulf news
To cancel: unsub gulf news
Tariff: Dh4 per week