Bill Gates in Abu Dhabi: I'll never run for office

Microsoft founder in Abu Dhabi insists he will never run for political office

Image Credit: AFP
Bill Gates speaks during the opening of the Media Summit conference in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

Abu Dhabi: Microsoft founder Bill Gates insists he will never run for political office.

Gates told the Abu Dhabi Media Summit on Tuesday that he can have more impact with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation than he would as a politician.

He said his current role doesn't require him to "try to get elected," nor does it "have term limits of eight years," as do some elected American offices.

Gates said he expects to work full time for the rest of his life in philanthropy, but he would be happy to offer the US president his advice.

In a wide-ranging talk, Gates discussed his foundation's work fighting polio, and he encouraged the Gulf's entrepreneurs to develop technology that helps both rich and poor.


  • Husaini Ali

    10-Oct-2012 13:38

    He is the best Philanthropist

  • Tome

    10-Oct-2012 09:09

    I prasie God for showering his windom for his work to be carried out on Earth to bring the downtroden on the road of safety of rightiousness. Pray that God will give Mr. Bill Gates the courage and strength to fullfill his mission with sucess. Thank you my Lord.