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Missing teen returns to celebrate Eid with family

Family jubilant on their son’s return

Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News
Khalid Esmail Al Hosani is greeted by his mother as his brother looks on at the family’sresidence in Abu Dhabi’s Shamkha area on Thursday.
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Sharjah: An Emirati family was jubilant yesterday when their son Khalid Esmail Al Hosani, who went missing for seven days in India and later found in a mental facility two weeks ago, returned home.

Khalid, who was the focus of a seven-day manhunt, returned to the UAE on Thursday morning with his father in time to celebrate Eid with his family, Gulf News has learnt.

The mother of Khalid burst with joyful ululation as soon as she heard that her husband landed at Sharjah International Airport with her son Khalid, Umm Khalid told Gulf News on Thursday.

The 19-year-old Emirati, who suffers from epilepsy, went missing on October 12. He told Gulf News, “Thanks for Allah I reunited with my lovely family and returned to my home country, best country in the world.”

“We lived a gloomy life when Khalid went missing for seven days in India. Khalid told me that he was suffering and experienced horrible days inside the mental facility where he was found,” Umm Khalid said.

“I want to forget all the past days,“ Khalid told his mother. The entire town of Al Shamkha area of Abu Dhabi, friends and relatives were sharing their joy with Khalid’s family.

Khalid’s younger brother Khalfa told Gulf News that many people had already gathered near their house awaiting the arrival of his father with Khaild to celebrate the occasion.

Umm Khalid said, “I cannot describe my happiness, I was so worried when he was not here. I prayed to Allah throughout and now that he is here, I thank the Almighty for his mercy and I thank our government and all others who helped us through the worst time of our life.”

“For seven days, I was in a dark and sad atmosphere, without food and water. I spent most of the time roaming across the city roads and praying to Allah to reunite me with my son. I’m overwhelmed by the love and affection shown by everyone,” Esmail Al Hosan, Khalid’s father, told Gulf News. Al Hosani said he burst into tears when their plane landed at Sharjah International Airport and entered inside the airport to be received by many people, including airport’s staff, welcoming their arrival and offering greeting to my son.”

“The happy news spread quickly at the airport halls… people met us saying… this is the missing teen…” Al Hosani said.

Al Hosani thanked the UAE Government and every one for their support.

The father and son arrived in the Bangalore city on September 30 in a bid to get treatment from specialists for Khalid, whose condition has now worsened after days without medication in the facility.

His parents are asking for the authorities to intervene to help the boy get the care he needs.