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Boy falls from 14th floor of Sharjah building

Sharjah Police have launched an investigation and the parents are currently in police custody

  • The 16-storey Al Bedaya Tower in Sharjah
    A three-year-old boy has fallen from the 14th floor of the 16-storey Al Bedaya Tower (centre) on Sharjah'sImage Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News
  • The 16-storey Al Bedaya Tower in Sharjah
    It's business as usual on Jamal Abdul Nasser Street, which was the scene of Sunday's accident involvinImage Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News
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Sharjah:  A three-year-old Syrian boy died on Sunday night after falling out of the window from the 14th floor from an apartment on Jamal Abdul Nasser Street.

"The boy was playing with his mother indoors and threw his shoe out of the window, where it landed in the alley. His mother then went downstairs to bring the shoe back, and while she did, her son stuck his head out of the window to call his mother's attention. When he was waving, he leaned too far out and fell. He landed on the floor right in front of his mother," said Mohammad, the watchman of the 16-storey Al Bedaya Tower.

The accident occurred at around 8:45pm when the father had not yet arrived from his job, which is based in Dubai.

The couple also have a baby girl.

The watchman said that a neighbour from the building drove the toddler to Buhaira Corniche Hospital, where the boy was pronounced dead upon arrival.

An official at Sharjah Police said that the boy sustained internal bleeding and multiple fractures to his head and body. The body has since been transferred to Al Qasimi Hospital.

Sharjah Police have launched an investigation and the parents are currently in police custody.

"If they are found to have been negligent, they will be referred to the Public Prosecution," said the police official.

The incident is the second one of its kind this week, and the fifth accident in a span of one month.

On November 19, a four-year-old girl died after she fell from the 15th floor balcony of her apartment in the Al Qasimia area at around 1:30am. The child and her year-and-a-half-old brother had been left unsupervised while their parents went shopping after putting them to bed.

On November 24, a three-year-old blind boy died when he fell from the 14th floor of his building in Al Nahda at around 7am. His mother was waiting downstairs with his two sisters for their school bus to arrive when the accident occurred.

Police have urged families who live in high-rise buildings to be cautious with children and never leave them unattended so as to prevent such incidents from recurring.

On November 30, a four-year-old Emirati boy fell out over the balcony from the 16th floor after he lost his balance, at around 10am.