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Break-ins rock Green Community

Residents issued car stickers and electronic gate passes to beef up security as CID officers patrol the area


Dubai: Residents of the Green Community in Dubai Investments Park (DIP) have been urged to keep their doors and windows locked after a series of break-ins.

The warning comes on the heels of the arrest of an Asian worker who was caught red-handed as he tried to sneak into a bedroom earlier this week.

Vik Vithlani, Lead member of HORG (Home Owners Representative Group) said the burglar was handed over to the police.

A circular isued by developer Properties Investment on January 21 confirmed the arrest. “We received complaints from owners and tenants that their homes were entered into illegally. We have taken the necessary action by involving the CID. The suspect was arrested last night in the act,” it read.

This is not the first time that a bedroom intrusion has been reported in the community.

According to Vithlani a similar incident occurred on January 18 when an intruder entered the bedroom of a 14-year-old girl.

“In the last three to four months, there have been a number of break-ins. In most cases, the bedroom was intruded. Thankfully, there have been no unsavoury incidents,” said Vithlani, adding that that HORG is now working closely with the developer to beef up security.

Constant patrolling

“The community is patrolled throughout the day and night. There are undercover CID people around too. We have enforced strict guidelines for people – other than residents – entering the community. Residents have been issued electronic gate passes and stickers for their vehicles. As a security measure, we have asked residents to provide us details of any guests arriving in their villa for a party or a visit. They are given a form to fill out details of the guests. All house staff including maids, nannies, drivers, gardeners will now have to be mandatorily registered and given identity cards,” said Vithlani.

“We are also urging residents to lock their doors and windows throughout the day and especially at night. They have also been advised not to leave any valuables on display near windows.”


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The other crime includes the illegal activity of dropping the notices and business cards in apartment doors. Those firms who do such advertisement should be charged for illegal actions. They can drop in main entrance of building but should not be in each apartment or house doors. That also after getting permission from the buildingowner/ community developer. Dropping of leaflets is another way for thieves and people with evil intention to know about the house/apartment situation, even it canlead to an incident like what happened in Bur Dubai. So authority should make necessary action against such illegal advertisement peddlers.


24 January 2013 12:49jump to comments