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154 winter tents removed since December

Municipality continues campaign against long-term winter campers who disobey regulations

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The municipality is continuing its campaign against long-term winter campers who fail to abide by the regulations, and a further 47 tents have been torn down since December.

Eng Jaber Al Ali, Head of Building Inspection Department at Dubai Municipality, explained that the campaign started last November and out of the 628 winter camps found in designated camping site, a total of 154 have been demolished so far.

“We removed a number of long-term winter tents that breached security, environmental and construction requirements, and although the rules have been previously clarified in the press, members of the public continued to flout them,” said Al Ali.

The designated winter camping sites are only in Wadi Al Amerdi, Wadi Al Shabak, Al Warqa, and Al Khawaneej 2.

“The winter camps are only applicable until the end of April and should only be used by the registered applicant and not be rented out to others. And above all, users of long-term camps have to comply with the law, customs and traditions of the emirate of Dubai,” said Al Ali.

“The municipality has the right to remove winter camps at any time if they have not registered for a permit. They will also be removed if we decide that they are violating any of these rules, and the amount they have paid will be refunded,” he added.

He further noted that the regulations of long-term winter camps include not creating a wall or fence around the tent site, to use only temporary materials to build the tent and to provide a fire extinguisher on the premises.

”Camp owners should not throw their rubbish in the desert and not leave barbecue and campfire residue, as it can potentially cause a fire hazard and harm the desert environment,” he said.

According to the long-term camping regulations, only Emiratis can apply for the permits, and camp owners are required to pay a Dh2,000 deposit and a fee of 22 fils a week for each square metre of campsite.

Spotlights and amplifiers should not be used as it disturbs other camp users, and in the incident that any of the above mentioned rules are breached, the deposit of Dh2,000 shall be used in such incidents.