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Study shows women do more housework than men

Study finds housework still dominated by gender imbalance

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London Women have long suspected they still do more of the housework than their husbands. And the next time there's a row over the chores, they'll have proof. Eight out of ten married women do more housework than their partners, according to figures compiled by the Institute for Public Policy Research.

The think tank found only one in ten married men do the same amount as their wives. Around the same proportion do more. Only three per cent of married women spend fewer than three hours a week on housework, with almost half doing 13 hours or more.

Researchers found housework patterns have changed only slightly across the generations. More than eight out of ten women born in 1958 said they do more laundry and ironing than their partner, and seven out of ten women born in 1970 agreed.

Experts say the gender imbalance is still alive in the British household and are calling for men to do their fair share.