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Syria warplanes hit village near Turkish border

The target was a school that houses a military command and the Damascus Eagles rebel brigade

  • AFP
  • Published: 17:26 November 26, 2012
  • Gulf News

Atme, Syria: A Syrian warplane launched three bombs or rockets at a rebel command centre in the northwest of the country near the Turkish border on Monday without causing casualties, an AFP journalist said.

The aerial attack on the town of Atme occurred around 10.00 am (0800 GMT), the reporter said from the site. The target was a school that houses a military command and the Damascus Eagles rebel brigade.

The reporter said three houses, a garden and a road were damaged. Residents spoke of three bombs while others said rockets caused the damage.

The village of Atme, located just two kilometres from the border, was once home to 7,000 inhabitants.

Ongoing violence has forced many to seek shelter in a refugee camp in nearby Qaa, or even in surrounding olive groves.

This border region is a hub for the rebellion and Atme and its environs in particular are home to numerous rebel groups.

Gulf News
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