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Iran's supreme leader praises mass turnout at state-backed rally on revolution day

It's time for 'foreign enemies to wake up and abandon futile efforts to subjugate Iran'

  • AP
  • Published: 12:18 February 12, 2010

Tehran: Iran's supreme leader has praised the massive turnout at the government-backed rally marking the 1979 Islamic Revolution and warned the West to stop putting obstacles in his country's path.

State Press TV reported on Friday that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei thanked the "tens of millions" who showed up on the anniversary.

Khamenei says the gathering reflected the nation's strength and that it's time for "foreign enemies to wake up and abandon futile efforts to subjugate" Iran.

The statement was posted on Khamenei's website late on Thursday, hours after the state-organised rally dwarfed opposition gatherings across Tehran.

Police clashed with anti-government protesters in several locations, firing tear gas to disperse them and paintballs to mark them for arrest.

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