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UAE-Jordan field hospital welcomes a bundle of joy

The UAE-Jordan field hospital welcomes its first delivery

  • UAE Ambassador to Jordan, Dr. Abdullah Al Ameri, holding Fatima, the first new baby born at the UAE Jordan feiImage Credit: Sunita Menon, Videographer/Gulf News
  • Fatima was the first baby born at the UAE Jordan feild hospital at Al Mafraq. Her mum is a Syrian refugee.Image Credit: Sunita Menon, Videographer/Gulf News
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Amman: The cries of a newborn baby filled the UAE-Jordan field hospital as Syrian mother, Kifah, became the first to give birth in the hospital at approximately 10.30am on Thursday morning.

Kifah who fled the town of Hasakeh in Syria four months ago amid unrest has been living with her sister and two children in Mafraq. She went into labour at approximately 9.30am on Thursday. Both the mother and baby are in good health, but Kifah wept as she was transported to the recovery unit of the hospital.

“What will be the future on my little girl,” she said. “I have nothing to give her.”

The baby was named Fatima, after the wife of Shaikh Zayed, and was born at a healthy weight of 3kg.

“The mother came to the hospital three days ago and I did an ultrasound and everything was ok but we had to wait for her contractions to start,” said Dr Shaymah Wafiah Mohammad who delivered Fatima. “She came in this morning and Al Hamdullah it was a normal.”

Minutes after her delivery, Kifah, was visited by Dr Abdullah Al Ameri, the UAE Ambassador to Jordan.

“We feel great happiness this baby girl was the first child to be born in this hospital and she that she has been named Fatima,” he said. “We wish the family great happiness and good health to little Fatima.”

The midwives and nurses at the hospital were all eager to have their picture with little Fatima as joy filled the hospital at the promise of new life.

The UAE-Jordan field hospital is part of the UAE Red Crescent Rescue Mission in Jordan which is helping Syrian refugees by providing free medical care and humanitarian aid.

The field hospital consists of fixed premises and two mobile hospitals located in the hamlet of Mafraq, 20km from the Syrian border. So far in its 15 days of operation it has treated more than 10,000 patients with a team of 80 doctors and nurses.