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Official condemns latest US position on colonies

Leader of Palestinian National Initiative declares peace process dead and calls for action

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Ramallah: Dr Mustafa Al Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, branded the American position of abandoning attempts to convince Israel to halt its colony activities as an "obituary announcement" for the peace process.

Dr Barghouti said the US announcement is extremely serious and it is a clear confession that nobody can exert pressure on Israel.

He added that the US position brings the path of negotiations to complete failure and an end to the Oslo Accord.

Dr Barghouti called on the Palestinian leadership for an immediate response based on a national strategy. He explained that the Palestinian strategy should be based on certain solid elements including a declaration of an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with occupied Jerusalem its capital; demanding from the Arab and Muslim states to recognise it immediately following the steps of Brazil and Argentina; imposing the new state's borders, sovereignty and capital as a matter of fact.

He said that the Palestinians should rely on the public resistance to face the occupation and colony activities. He stressed a unified national meeting of all Palestinian parties and factions should be convened to revive the Palestinian unity and accomplish reconciliation.

The Palestinians should review the policies and adopt new national political strategy that enhances the Palestinian public steadfastness.

He said that the Palestinians should work on resuming the international boycott campaign against Israel and impose international sanctions on it.