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Gulf News statement on Israeli attack

Gulf News strongly condemns the Israeli attack on a Gaza aid boat

  • Image Credit: Gulf News
  • Hamas naval policemen, holding Palestinian flags, patrol the sea off the coast of Gaza City.Image Credit: AFP

Dubai:  Gulf News, which is following with great concern the news of the Israeli terrorist attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla in international waters, is holding the Israeli government responsible for the safety of its journalist Abbas Al Lawati who is onboard the leading ship and the safety of other journalists and peace activists.

Gulf News strongly condemns the attack and calls on the UN to hold Israel responsible for its violation of the Geneva Conventions which protect journalists and civilians against such piracy acts.

Video: Gulf News condemns attack

“We are relieved and happy to learn that Abbas is safe,” said Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Gulf News’ Editor-in-Chief. “However, Israelis must release him immediately along with other journalists and peace activists. “

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“What the Israelis did is a flagrant statesponsored terrorist attack on civilians who were trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza,” Abdul Hamid added.



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Attack on Fontilla, in International water on unarmed civilians, is an act grossly offensive to decency, morality, or good taste.In Jan 2010 they killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh a Palestinian leader in Dubai, the alleged killers used fake British passports, shows the mindset of these criminals. No concrete measures were taken then.There can be tons of solid instances/proofs for Israeli's crime available if you seriously want to take any action. But the civilized world goes after WMD, destroys the whole country/countries yet they don't find any traces of WMD, yet they keep supporting the terrorist Israel.

Mir Sajjad Mehdi

1 June 2010 17:27jump to comments