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US sending mixed signals on Iran

Deploys stealth jets to Middle East air base and considers allowing 5% uranium enrichment

An Iranian security guard directs media at the Bushehr nuclear power plant
Image Credit: AP
An Iranian security guard directs media at the Bushehr nuclear power plant, with the reactor building in the background, just outside the southern city of Bushehr. Iran claims it only seeks energy and medical research from its reactors.
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Dubai: The United States is sending confusing signals on Iran by deploying stealth jets, its most modern fighter bomber, to an air base in the Middle East and at the same time considering allowing Iran to maintain a crucial element of its disputed nuclear programme.

Quoting Air Force officials, the Washington Post said F-22 Raptors and other assets were moved into the Gulf amid concerns about a confrontation with Iran.

The number of F-22s involved and the length of their deployment were not released, the Post said.

Meanwhile, in what would be a significant concession, US officials said they might agree to let Iran continue enriching uranium up to 5 per cent purity, if its government agrees to the unrestricted inspections, strict oversight and numerous safeguards that the United Nations has long demanded.

A shift in the US position that Iran must halt all enrichment activities is likely to prompt strong objections from Israeli leaders, the Los Angeles Times said yesterday.