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Mohammad Mursi and Ahmad Shafiq: What they have to say

Mursi and Shafiq on peace, tradition and transition

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On regional peace:

Mohammad Mursi: “I will respect [the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty], but on the basis of mutual respect between the two parties and a lack of violations of the agreement day after day, as Israel does through threatening the borders and killing soldiers and constant threats of war... It is not possible for a population of five million people to threaten a population of 95 million.”

Ahmad Shafiq: “I object to Israel’s current actions. But I am a man who honours past agreements.”

On religion:

Mohammad Mursi: “Whoever fears the Sharia and its implementation doesn’t know that it’s just and equalising and great, and it is God’s right on earth. And who among us doesn’t want God’s right and his justice and his greatness for the umma?”

Ahmad Shafiq: “It is a Christian’s right to gain his opportunity in society based upon his efficiency and not be subjected to persecution and ineligibility based on his religion. This must apply to all Egyptians.”

On political transition:

Mohammad Mursi: “I am keen on dialogue and on unifying the ranks to face the attempt to bring back the old oppressive state.”

Ahmad Shafiq: “Civilians may be in a hurry, and they think that as soon as the new president is elected he will act freely of the military. No, this will not be the case.”