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Egypt’s social media reacts to ouster

Egypt’s social media is reflective of the mixed emotions surging through nation

Image Credit: AP
Opponents of Mohammad Mursi wave national flags to a passing underground train as they celebrate Mursi's ouster in Cairo, Egypt.
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Dubai: Egypt’s social media is reflective of the mixed emotions surging through a nation witnessing yet another massive change in their political history.

The president’s ouster by the army, in response to people’s demand, is being hailed by some while a few are labelling it as a coup. Mostly people want change and hope that the next stage will help build a stronger, more stable country.

Cairo TV anchor @Adeeb_Emad tweeted: “The will of the people has demanded living in freedom with social justice. Long live Egypt.”

@HebaElTorky wrote: “Let’s work hard for this country, because what we did proves how strong we are when we unite. #Egypt.”

@Ganjibo said: “I don’t know much about politics. However, what happened in #Egypt had very little to do with politics and more to do with the plight of humanity.”

@BasmatEldma said: “Just came back from #tahrir #June30 mission accomplished Alhamdulillah.”

‏@SherifMalek tweeted: “If one day the people wanted to live, then Fate is destined to favorably respond - Abou Kassem Chebi #Egypt #June30 #Revolution #Success.”

@ahmedmoubarak added: “For the 2nd time within 3 yrs, #Egypt is on the front pages everywhere. We are changing the world peacefully.”

There are also the sceptics who refused to be swept up into the wave of euphoria, with predictions of military dictatorship and civil unrest.

@assaadsamir tweeted: “Yes but coup isn’t the answer. Military coup has happened before and led to dictatorship, and the same will happen.”

‏@Munya24 cautioned: “I think #Egypt is just disaster waiting to happen after the coup by the army...remember president morsi probably has more supporters out there.”

@EduardCousin said: “If it’s not a coup, what else would an army ousting an elected president, shutting down tv stations and arresting 100s be? #coup #Egypt.”

The well-known surgeon turned stand-up comic @DrBassemYoussef remarked about the shutting down of media channels by the army: “I hope the closing of the TV channels is a permanent order. Even though they used to call for killing us, and personally I’ve been threatened, I forgive the past.”

But, there are also those arguing against this fear of military rule.

@MoElnadi said: “We aim to do it right this time: Presidential council, constitutional committee, then election. No military rule! #June30”

@judalox wrote: “While the Military could have their own bias (we all do), I see they’re in the middle. They didn’t go looking for power. #Egypt.”

@SamIDaouD said: “The Western media calls it military coup! 33 million ppl marching against a regime doesn’t count at all! #egypt #june30.”

@MsEntropy wrote: “A note on #Egypt ‘commentary’ floating about. If #June30 was a coup, so was #Jan25. Better to take long view - #Jan25 is ongoing revolution.”

Looking forward, @gabzolina tweeted: “Ok people, so convert your euphoria to positive energy and start building up this country, capish? #egypt #June30 #AdliMansour.”

The blogging world and Instagram was flooded with pictures and updates from Tahrir Square and across the country.