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Chime of wedding bells eases tension at Tahrir Square

Couple said they decided to tie the knot after they spent the past 10 days along with their friends in the square

Image Credit: Supplied
Dr Ahmad Zaafan, Pharmacologist, and his fiancée Oula Abdul Hamid got married at Tahrir Square in Cairo on Sunday.

Dubai: Dr Ahmad Zaafan, pharmacologist, and his fiancee Oula Abdul Hamid, both camping in Tahrir Square in Cairo since January 28, announced on Sunday their marriage at a special ceremony attended by more than 300,000 people.

The couple said they decided to tie knot after they spent the past 10 days along with their friends in the square.

"I am worried because my parents could not come to attend the party, but happy that all Egyptians and Arabs have witnessed my marriage and we both received blessings and congratulations from all over the world," Zaafan said. Oula said she would not find a better gathering to attend her wedding party than those camping in the square. "I am very happy about the idea of tying the wedding knot in this holy square which is witnessing the rebirth of our nation."

Dr Zaafan and Oula are both members of Dr Amr Khalid Group, the Creator of Future, a non-profit organisation divided to sub-groups to help people on different problems. As a pharmacologist, Dr Zaafan was elected by more than 2,240 people in his group to become the head of the anti-narcotics education group in the Creator of Future.

The group, Creator of Future, has more than 50,000 members. They were actively involved in the current uprising by offering security services for different residential complexes in Cairo and other cities. Dr Zaafan said he was aware that any participant in this movement might die.