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Three new parks to rise in Khalifa City

parks will offer greens across 3,200 square metres and have 4,600 diverse trees and bushes and will be equipped with picnic tables, barbeque platforms, a central plaza, and playing grounds for football and basketball

  • By Sara Sabry, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 17:31 September 25, 2012
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Three new public parks in Khalifa City are to be constructed over a total of three hectares, as part of the Abu Dhabi Municipality’s envisioned plan for 2030.

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Municipality will build three new public parks at Khalifa City as part of its master development plan before 2030.

The parks will offer greens across 3,200 square metres and have 4,600 diverse trees and bushes and will be equipped with picnic tables, barbeque platforms, a central plaza, and playing grounds for football and basketball.

It will also boast a splash park and a waterfall.

Abu Dhabi residents welcomed the announcement.

A 41 year old mother told Gulf News: “Most of our time is spent at malls or restaurants, therefore, having entertaining parks at Khalifa City is the best thing that a family could ask for.”

“These parks will help family members and children to regularly go out, stand in the natural light and practice their usual activities.

“Also, having yards and playing grounds will be, in fact, a great interest to my four year old child,” Leena Koshy, a Khalifa City resident said.

“As we are coming from different age groups and backgrounds, we do lack the social opportunities. Therefore, Khalifa City is a great chance to socialise and interact with other families and make a large circle of acquaintances,” Leena added.

“Residential district parks project is one of the pioneering projects undertaken within the social responsibility context of the Municipality. It seeks to expand greens and offer a vital avenue for all family members in the locality, inhabitants of the district and the entire community as well as visitors of the capital,”

Rashid Abdullah Al Falasi, director of parks and recreational facilities at the Abu Dhabi Municipality, said: “The design of these parks was intended to be simple, stylish and comprehensive in order to serve all family members in terms of providing a sufficient space tailored to suit the location and inhabitants of the neighbourhood.”

Al Falasi also pointed out that significant attention has been given to age differences between children, therefore, a host of open yards and playgrounds have been provided for practising hobbies as well as team sports such as football, volleyball and others.

Additionally, water-themed games, comprising 55 games, will be provided for all age groups along with extensive covered corridors and paved areas covering 12,400 square metres.

The new parks are characterised by their creative, safety and security settings.

The place will be fitted with benches, suitable night-lighting, and multi-faceted interactive walls, which can be used by children for safe climbing, Al Falasi said.

Comments (2)

  1. Added 13:57 September 26, 2012

    A very welcome move. please provide some parks in Mohammad bin Zayed city or Musaffa Residency(Shabiya) city also...

    Ahmad, Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 11:01 September 26, 2012

    A Welcome move. KCA is one of the fastest growing residential areas around the main Abu Dhabi city. With the new schools, shopping centres and hospitals coming up in the area even more families will turn to this beautiful and conveniently located residential locality. These parks were very much needed for the growing population of KCA and the beautification of the roundabouts in the area will further enhance its image.

    Kashif, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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