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Obama gets new home in Dubai

Put up for adoption, moody Persian cat named after US President prepares for second innings with new owner

  • by sharmila dhal, senior reporter
  • Published: 21:28 November 7, 2012

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  • King of the castle: Obama who was put up for adoption at his home with new owner Aussie Emily Ann Herbert xpress/arshad ali

Dubai: Obama has just got a new home in Dubai.

“He definitely has a personality you can’t ignore,” said Emily Ann Herbert, a 30-year-old Australian who signed him in on Monday night. “He commands attention and knows exactly what he wants.”

But no, she’s not talking about the US President here. Obama is her new pet, an abandoned Persian cat she has rehomed.

Put up for adoption by Dubai-based animal group Friends of Animals, Obama was high-strung and temperamental, but he had little difficulty finding a new home, thanks to his illustrious name.

“Yes, I took him in because of his name. There was something about his face too,” said Emily.

Montserrat Martin of Friends of Animals, who christened the cat, said with everyone talking about the US elections, Obama was the first name that came to her mind. “There are thousands of cats looking for homes and we need to constantly reinvent with their names to get them noticed,” she said. As it emerges, the one-year-old cat was found abandoned in Jumeirah. “We’re not sure from where he came. But he is castrated, has a microchip and is fully vaccinated,” said Montserrat who brought him home and posted an adoption ad on a community website.

She made it a point to say that the cat was friendly, but could also get easily irritated. He was temperamental and did not like to be around other cats or even children.

“I was candid because I wanted him to get the right home. He was strong and loving but did not like to mix with other cats or even children. So we had to be careful,” she said.

Emily suspects that Obama was mistreated before being abandoned. “I have had cats all my life and can tell their behaviour. Within a couple of hours that I brought him home, he was sitting on my lap and purring.”

But does she have other cats in her 24th floor Tecom apartment?

“No, Obama wouldn’t allow that. He definitely proved to be the king of the castle the minute he came in,” said Emily.

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  1. Added 14:30 November 8, 2012

    Ms. Maria please be noted that Ms. Emily didn't give the name Obama to her new adopted cat. And respect must be given to all not only to the new re-elected President, Mr. Obama. Peace out to you and to all.

    Lena, Abu Dhabi, Philippines

  2. Added 10:23 November 8, 2012

    Shame on you Emily for naming your cat after the President of the United States. Didn't you know of the word RESPECT? Why not name him Emily instead???

    maria corazon buriel, dubai, Philippines

  3. Added 08:31 November 8, 2012

    What a great News...

    steeven, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 22:46 November 7, 2012

    What is so special about this cat to be on the news? is it about the name. People want to read about help provided to human beings who are in dire situation, people who have no food and water.

    Rony Castello, Dubai, United Arab Emirates