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ID cards to be delivered through post offices

ID cards fail to reach residents' homes or offices despite payment of courier charges

  • By Binsal Abdul Kader, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 April 14, 2011
  • Gulf News

Approaching deadline
  • Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News
  • A typing centre in Abu Dhabi. A meeting of Higher Management Committee Emirates ID lauded the positive response of the citizens to the registration process.

Dubai: National identity cards are not being delivered to residents' homes or offices despite payment of the courier charges.

The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) said lack of courier services has forced it to distribute the cards through post offices in various emirates.

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However, Empost on Wednesday announced that it has stopped accepting new cards from Eida since January 27 to clear the backlog of cards.

Officials said they were processing an average of 10,000 cards daily. "The two courier companies engaged by us have certain limitations in handling that many cards a day, Dr Ali Mohammad Al Khoury, Director-General of Eida, told Gulf News on Wednesday.

The lack of courier service companies which can deliver huge volumes of National ID cards in the country had forced Eida to distribute the cards through post offices, Al Khoury said.

"We are printing more than 10,000 cards a day and the two courier service companies engaged by us have certain limitation to handle that many cards a day," he said.

"That prompted us to engage Emirates Post to distribute cards through its post offices across the country," he said. Empost has been delivering the cards since 2007 and Aramex courier company started delivering them recently.

The official was responding to complaints raised by Gulf News readers who said that they were asked to collect their cards from the post offices despite paying courier charges when they applied for the card. They said they were surprised to receive a message from Emirates Post, saying, "Please pick up your National ID card from [a particular post office]."

Large volumes

Despite communication with the several other courier companies in the country, Emirates ID could not find one which could deliver huge volumes of ID cards, Al Khoury said. Two other companies which came forward had limited capacity, he said. Al Khoury explained that Emirates ID does not save money by distributing the cards through post offices.

The official said out of Dh70 extra charges paid by the applicant, Emirates ID receives about Dh10 towards courier charges which is paid to the Emirates Post.

He said the rest of the Dh60 goes into typing, envelopes and packaging. Courier companies charge more than Dh10 which is paid by Emirates ID, not by the applicant, the official said.

Asked about the request from the applicants to get the cards distributed through the nearest post offices, he said all such requests would be taken up with Emirates Post. Meanwhile, a meeting of Higher Management Committee of Emirates ID lauded the positive response of the citizens to the registration process.

Dr Al Khoury who chaired the meeting, called on Emiratis to register before the final grace period expires by June 30.

Temporary stop to clear backlog

Empost, the express courier company delivering the ID cards since 2007, has stopped accepting the new ID cards from the Emirates ID since January 27 to clear the backlog of cards, Sultan Al Medfa, CEO of Empost told Gulf News.

Due to huge volumes of cards printed by the Emirates ID, Empost had a large number of cards, awaiting delivery, he said. Al Medfa said Empost will take new cards from Emirates ID after clearing the backlog.

He said many people are not aware that Empost and Emirates Post are two different organisations.

Comments (50)

  1. Added 08:57 April 17, 2011

    We pay for the courier and finally we end up collecting ID cards from the post office. EIDA should not collect courier charges from us when they do not deliver it. Why they collect this extra money when they do not provide courier service? I hope you will look into it and do the needful.

    Janet, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 08:18 April 17, 2011

    I received the text asking me to collect from the post office. I live in Mirdif, Dubai but I have to collect my card from Whada Street Post Office in Sharjah - why?

    Niki Dancy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 15:51 April 14, 2011

    My wife and I live in Al Barsha 1, near MOE. Since i work full time during the day, my 8 month pregnant wife had to look for Al Quoz Post office for good 2-1/2 hours around 2 weeks ago, as neither she or I could get a clue from the map we saw online. She was exhausted after this gruesome experience and actually fell sick for a day. For Heaven's sake.. If you are taking money for courier services, then you better deliver it. If you can't then either don't charge for it, or give it all to charity.

    Saad, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 13:49 April 14, 2011

    Yes , they have charged for delivery of the cards and then we have to collect it from the post office. This is not right. But with regard to the application process and the delivery , I beg to differ with most of the comments. It has become very systematic in Dubai. Once the form is printed at a typing center, you receive an SMS giving you an appointment for the finger printing and photo, there is no rush if you stick to your appointment time. Once the finger printing process is over you again get an SMS stating that your card has been dispatched to EMIRATES POST and finally the last SMS gives you info stating your card is available at the Post Office. The entire process will take about 30 to 45 days , but it is smooth - At least I was happy with it...I appeal to members of the public to get the ID cards NOW as waiting until the last minute will lead to a rush again.

    TK, DUBAI , United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 13:45 April 14, 2011

    i recived and they send me to jumeirah post office and im staying in Deira. why donot take other courier or give us money back !!! we are paying alot in Dubai and is not correct !!! when i lleaved in Oman and they make us the labour card they finger print, scan, picture, etc and it was as ID card as well. dubai learn from your neighbours !!! are really much better

    anonymos, dubai, Austria

  6. Added 13:38 April 14, 2011

    The same thing happen to me. I have paid for the courier delivery but I had to go to Empost to collect the id.

    ivan ilustre, Dubai, Philippines

  7. Added 13:11 April 14, 2011

    my card and my baby card is still not recieved. and i dont know after three months how much time they required more.

    zaheer, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  8. Added 12:42 April 14, 2011

    Do not collect money for the courier if you can not deliver it.

    Rona, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 12:25 April 14, 2011

    I have received SMS to pick the EID's for my kids and my self.But when i reached after one week time to al wahda post office, they said thats not received yet come again tomorow morning.Even i have paid for the courior service as well.

    Mohomed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  10. Added 12:05 April 14, 2011

    Renewed my ID card at typing centre on 08 feb 2011. After two calls in March EIDA gave a reference number saying that card is delivered to Empost. But Empost says ( mid April) it has not received the card. Even after two months i have not received the card.

    benjamin, Al Samha, United Arab Emirates

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