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Another 2,000 Gulf News subscribers win Dh400 cash back

In total, Gulf News is awarding Dh4 million cash back to 10,000 subscribers, with one lucky subscriber winning Dh1 million.

  • Staff Report
  • Published: 16:04 January 7, 2013
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Abdel-Krim Kallouche/Gulf News
  • Left to Right, Puneet Bajaj-Promotions Executive-Gulf News Fathalllah Abdulla Fathallah –Head of Raffle Draw-Department of Economic Development Shobhit Sethi -Group Portfolio Manager –NBAD Chaitali Sharma-Product Manager -Gulf News at the Gulf News Building in Dubai.

Dubai: Another 2,000 subscribers have each won Dh400 cash back as part of the ongoing Gulf News Mega Subscription offers.

The winners, who were selected in a draw on Monday at the Gulf News office in Dubai, were entitled to the cash back raffle through use of their free NBAD credit card.

More draws are to be held under the bumper offers. The next one, in February, will have 3,000 winners, while in March there will be 4,000.

What’s more, subscribers who have already won still stand a chance to win in the remaining draws. New subscribers are also entitled to the raffles — the earlier they subscribe, the more draws they can still enter.

In total, Gulf News is awarding Dh4 million cash back to 10,000 subscribers, with one lucky subscriber winning Dh1 million.

Other promotions include a chance to win from a jackpot of gold worth Dh10,000 while there are also 10 Mitsubishi Pajero four-wheel-drive cars up for grabs.

All this is on top of the Gulf News Super Subscriber Good Living Card, which includes more than 1,000 exclusive offers, discounts and super-savings all year round.

In addition, Goodliving-registered members also have a chance to win Gold Vouchers every month from Tuesday, when two winners will win Dh1,000 worth of gold each. Three more winners will be awarded in February and four in March. One subscriber has already won the Dh1,000-value gold prize in December 2012.

The Gold Raffle for Good Living members is, in total, dishing out Dh10,000 worth of gold to 10 winners.

To learn more about these special promotions, please visit and

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