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Car burns at Sharjah petrol station

The fire broke out in a car at the Adnoc petrol station in Al Ramtha area of Sharjah

  • By Aghaddir Ali, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 20:44 January 17, 2013
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Ahmad Hilal
  • The scene of the fire

Sharjah: A major disaster was averted at a petrol station in Sharjah on Thursday by the speedy response of Sharjah Civil Defence and police to a fire.

The fire broke out in a car at the Adnoc petrol station in Al Ramtha area of Sharjah when a fire broke out in a car that stopped in the petrol station , Brigadair Abdullah Saeed Al Sewudi, Director General of Sharjah Civil Defence told Gulf News Thursday Brigadair Al Sewudi said two cars were burnt one completely burnt and the forefront of the other car_ before the fire could be contained. The fire was reported at 6 pm. The incident led to a massive traffic jam during the evening rush hour.

The fire was brought under control in short time of being reported.

The fire was quickly managed with the assistance of the Fire-fighters from Smnan and Moweilah centers which responded to the situation quickly.

The Cladding roof of the petrol station as well completely damaged .No injuries have been reported and the site is currently closed until restoration works A full investigation is being undertaken by the concerned authorities.

Brgaider Al Sewudi advised motorists avoid using any material which might cause fire in petrol station , like cigarrates or other flammable material which caused fire.

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