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Free parenting classes planned

Mothers and fathers of children under five years will be handed £100 vouchers to attend lessons on discipline, communication and managing conflict

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London Around 50,000 parents will be given free parenting classes in an attempt to halt the country's moral decline.

Mothers and fathers of children under the age of five will be handed £100 (Dh580) vouchers to attend the lessons which will teach issues such as discipline, communication and managing conflict.

The move, announced by ministers on Sunday, comes amid concerns that millions are clueless about how to bring up their children with proper moral boundaries.

David Cameron believes August's riots underlined the need to consider dramatic steps to address the collapse in values traditionally taught by the family.

Parenting classes have become increasingly popular with middle-class families, although critics have dismissed them as a nanny state ‘gimmick' and question whether they make any difference to problem families.

From next summer, the scheme will be tested in Middlesbrough, High Peak in Derbyshire, and Camden in North London for two years at a cost of £5 million.



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The most important title one can hold is that of "parent", no job is more important, or more challlenging, yet for no job is there less training . I could not agree more with David Cameron's plan , only we should make taking a parenting class mandary if you are a care taker for a child and each of us should pay for the class , not the government. We have a social emotional crisis in the USA and we need universal parenting education.

Katharine Bensigner

19 October 2011 19:22jump to comments