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Filipino bishop says president Benigno Aquino sister Kris to run as vice-president

Shares Kris’ plans of running for vice president’s post in 2016 polls

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Manila: Malacanang, the presidential palace criticised a Catholic bishop for spreading the word that President Benigno Aquino’s youngest sister Kris will run as vice president of the ruling party in 2016.

Some people grow old gracefully, but retired Bishop Oscar Cruz has been “spreading rumours” when he claimed that Kris, a TV host and actress, is angling to be a vice president in 2016, said spokesperson Edwin Lacierda.

No one is privy to her political plans at the moment, Lacierda said.

It was in response to Bishop Cruz, former president of the influential Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), who said, “Formerly, it was only in whispers. Now, it has become more commonly said and heard that the youngest sister of the President of the Republic will also run as vice president of the Republic come 2016.”

“I’m not saying that she will do it in 2016. I’m just saying that, up to now, this is what is being said,” Cruz said.

Noting that she must be transparent with her plans, the bishop said. “Those concerned better address this matter. If it’s not true, then they should say it, so that it (rumours) will stop once and for all. But if there is silence, that means there is consent.”

With a critical note, Cruz said, “If she’s going to run, let her run because it takes so little to qualify for public office from the local to the national level.”

“She’s an actress and the Filipino electorate, in general, likes actors and actresses. Like Sen Lito Lapid,” he observed.

The rumours began three months ago, said Cruz, adding that recently, his source is more certain that real political plans are now afoot for the popular TV personality.

In case she runs for political office, Cruz said, “Then the dynasty issue (against politicians) will be more affirmed.”

Last week, after she announced that she would quit work on TV to have more time for her second son, James Yap, Jr, she also said she wanted to go to a law school to understand the cases she has filed against her estranged husband, basketball star James Yap.

Even earlier, she hinted that she would run for a seat at the House of Representatives, adding, “I feel that as an Aquino, whatever political career I hope to have in the future, it has to start in Tarlac (her family’s hometown in central Luzon).”

Aquino and Yap’s marriage was annulled in 2012, after five years of union. She has another son, Joshua by drama actor Philip Salvador.