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UAE bridegroom shot dead in Pakistan

Abu Dhabi garage worker may have been the victim of a gang of extortionists demanding protection money

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Karachi: An Abu Dhabi resident was shot dead at his wedding party in the Purana Golimar area of Karachi on Friday in an attack which left seven others injured.

Witnesses said the half of the guests were outside the house of the bride and half inside when they heard gunfire.

Bridegroom Abdul Majid, who worked at a garage in Abu Dhabi, died on the spot. Two of his first cousins and five other guests were injured.

Witnesses said there were about 12 attackers, who fled after shooting their targets.

One of the groom’s cousins, who also travelled from Abu Dhabi, was shot 12 times in his abdomen, legs and feet, and was being treated at the state-owned Civil Hospital.

The police registered any initial report against unknown killers as the family did not name any suspect so far.

“One of our 14-year-old cousins is on a ventilator and he is clinically dead,” a family member told Gulf News, requesting anonymity.

“How can we pursue the case with the police when we are thinking of ways to disclose it to my aunty that her son has died?” he said.

Sources said it was not clear so far who might have attacked and killed the bridegroom, but they believed it was an extortionist gang.

Some two years ago the groom’s elder brother. Rashid, was gunned down after he had quarrelled with gangsters near his home. They had demanded extortion money. Rashid, who was on leave from Abu Dhabi at the time he was shot, worked as a supervisor in the same garage where Majid worked.

Karachi has been under grip of many gangs who were operating in the city demanding ‘protection money’ from traders, businessmen, professionals and affluent people.

In the first two months of 2013 more than 300 people were gunned down, many of them victims of extortion gangs. In 2012, some 2,300 people were shot dead — the targets of sectarian, ethnic and gang rivalries.