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Sindh CM orders crackdown on killers

Police instructed not to worry about political pressures

Gulf News

Karachi: The Sindh Chief Minister on Wednesday instructed the police and other law enforcement agencies to crack down on the killers and extortionists without any political pressures to control the unbridled killings in the city.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah, the chief minister was presiding a hurriedly called meeting of law enforcement agencies amid unstopping killings of political activists and other people on the streets.

The meeting was attended by home secretary, inspector general of the police, additional inspector general, several deputies and paramilitary rangers.

A source who was part of the meeting told the Gulf News that the chief minister was briefed by the officials about the ongoing killings in the city.

Shah was also told by the law enforcer that a ‘massive target killing’ could take place in the city in coming days among the activists of different political parties, as some intelligence gathering suggested.

The chief minister ordered the police and rangers to take firm action against those who were involved in any such design.

However, four more people including the workers of the political parties were gunned down on Wednesday whereas five were killed on Tuesday.

Police raided and arrested 15 people from different parts of the city. The arrested people were suspected to be involved in the gang war, extortion, drug trafficking and street crimes.

Five people who were affiliated with the gang war were arrested by the police after an encounter. The police recovered five pistols and four kilograms of hashish from their custody.

In yet another crackdown the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of police arrested an activist of Tehreeke Taliban Pakistan (TTP) who was involved in extortion and fund raising to finance their terror war.

The accused who was known as Islamuddin Burki alias Kana, was threatening the local traders and businessmen with extortion and was responsible to dispatch the money and weapon to his fellows fighting in lawless Waziristan, neighbouring Afghanistan.

Six hand grenades, a Kalashnikov and a pistol was recovered from Kana, the police said.