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Punjab pigeon-lover kills family over hobby

Man confesses to murdering his family for not allowing him to keep birds as pets

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Karachi: A man slaughtered his mother, two brothers and two sisters in the Punjab province because they would not allow him to keep pigeons as pets, he told police.

The five bodies were recovered from Lisori Kalan, a suburban area of Mandi Bahahuddin city in the Punjab province. The bodies were identified as Asiya Bibi, the mother, Muzammil Hussain, her 18-year-old son, daughters Sana and Hina, aged 17 and 15 years old, and Ali, the youngest son, who was seven years old.

All of them were killed with a sharp knife but the police were clueless as to who might have murdered them. Meanwhile, the police recovered Usman, the missing eldest son of the family.

After the police grilled him he confessed that he had murdered his family. Usman told the police that he mixed the flour for a pudding, which the family ate at dinner last night, with some intoxicant. Thus all the family members went into a deep slumber and he butchered them.

He told the police that his family refused to allow him to keep pigeons at home. Keeping and training pigeons has been a hobby in the South Asian sub-continent.


Shooting in Karachi

Meanwhile, in the southern city of Karachi targeted killings continued as at least four people including two brothers, a father and his son were gunned down in different parts of the city.

The police sources said unknown shooters killed two brothers, Gul Faraz and Aqil Zar, who were performing their duties as watchmen at two different residential complexes in the Shoe Market area near Garden Town. They were shot at their respective duty areas and the both were shot at the head from very close range, the police said.

In Amroha Society of the Orangi Town, unknown gunmen shot a father and a son who were fatally injured. They were rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital but none of them survived, the police said.



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oh God, have mercy on my country. what has happened to the people? being illiterate doesn't means that there is no humanity left. These weird stories about children killing their own family members, especially their mothers are really very hard to believe, but seriously there's a curse on those who do this sick attempt.


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