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Four brothers killed over petty dispute

Police deployed to prevent further clash between the rivals

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Karachi: An animosity developed out of a petty quarrel on Friday took lives of four brothers who were gunned down in Hyderabad city while going to the court, police said.

The broad daylight murders sent a shockwave in the city and tension gripped the Hussainabad town where the victims lived. Heavy contingent of police were deployed to prevent any further clash between the rivals.

Police said that some six months ago the children of Solangi and Abbasi families had a street brawl attracting the elders of the two families. The quarrel turned into an enmity when a man of the Sonlangi family killed the member of Abbasi family and the matter ended up at the police station where both the parties registered cases against each other.

However, the grudge kept growing in the Abbasi family who might have been looking for an opportunity to take revenge of the murder.

Police said Ghulam Murtaza Solangi, Asif Solangi, Wali Solangi, and Bilal Solangi were going to a court hearing their case when some armed people intercepted them. They opened fire on the four brothers fiercely. All the four brothers died on the spot.

In the rural areas of the Sindh province different tribes kill each other members for family feuds that span over generations but in the city areas such kind of incidents are rare.

Meanwhile in Karachi, police arrested Aqeel Lotia, a notorious fraud who was at large after pilfering billions of rupees from the people.

Lotia was the owner of an company dealing in electronic items. He collected billions of rupees from the people of different cities and run abroad with the pooled money some eight years ago.

The police said that now he come back to get medical treatment and was arrested.