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Court unhappy over Karachi law and order report

Two million criminals operating in the city besides militants, says advocate general

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Karachi: Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday expressed dissatisfaction over a government report on the law and order situation in Karachi.

The top court resumed the hearing of the Karachi Lawlessness Case, after over year of its instructions to the police and government to improve their performance and keep updating the court about the law and order situation in this financial capital, passing through an unprecedented phase of murders, crimes, extortion and robberies.

The advocate general, top lawyer of the province, told the five-member bench of the Supreme Court that some two million criminals were operating in the city and there was a glut of militants from all over the country. The court rejecting the plea remarked as to whose responsibility it was to check and stop those criminals and militant infiltrating into the city.

The court also inquired about its advice to the government to making a law through which the record of licensed weapons could be maintained and it could be known as to who was keeping as many as 20 licenses.

The government lawyer told the court that the government would put its efforts to get the law in place soon.

Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali was presiding over the five-member bench of the Supreme Court.

The bench was also angry over erecting fortifying walls and barricades outside the President Asif Ali Zardari house and the paramilitary Rangers’ headquarters. Outside the president house a road has completely been closed for public whereas Rangers has encroached a main road causing worst traffic jam during the peak hours.

The court criticised the inspector general of police for moving around with heavy motorcade and police squad for his security whereas the common people were being murdered in the city.

The court observed that the police squads abuse common people on the roads, and ordered that there was no need of squad to the police and it was meant for protection of public. The court also admonished the police chief saying he should quit as IG if he was scared.

Retired justice of Supreme Court Fasihuddin Ahmad commenting on the court proceedings said that it was pathetic that over half a dozen people were being murdered daily in the city and no body was able to stop it.

“Political appointment in the police, incompetent officers and frequent transfers of the police officers were some of the key reasons for law and order,” Ahmad told the Gulf News.

He further said that the Supreme Court could also refer the issue to the assembly asking it to fulfil its constitutional responsibility.