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Call to remove picture of girl posted on Facebook

Efforts to carry out crime mapping in state

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Thiruvananthapuram: The family of a Kerala girl, whose picture has been mistakenly posted on Facebook as the girl who was gang-raped in Delhi last month, has petitioned the police to have the picture removed from the site. The picture attracted wide attention on the internet as millions in Indians intently followed the case of the Delhi gang-rape victim.

The father of the Kerala girl has petitioned the state police to take steps to redress the family’s grievance on the matter and have the girl’s picture removed. Reports indicate that the state police have already got in touch with concerned authorities in the US for the same. It is learnt that further action regarding removal of the wrongly-posted picture can happen only with the help of Facebook administrators.

The development happens even as local media is reporting about efforts in Kerala to carry out a crime mapping in the state to understand the frequency and style of crime against women and children in the state. Reports say that five community development societies each from each of the 14 districts in the state have been chosen to carry out the study, which will provide a crime map for the state giving a perspective on the style and frequency of atrocities against women and children.

The map will provide statistics on the atrocities against women and children over the past six months, which in turn will help authorities plan remedial action. The statistics regarding such atrocities will be gathered with care to protect identities of the victims.

Meanwhile, yet another case of child abuse was reported yesterday from Thrissur. An 88-year-old man was taken into custody by police in Thrissur district for allegedly molesting his 10-year-old granddaughter. The matter came to light when teachers at the girl’s school noticed her strange behaviour and alerted the Child Line authorities who in turn alerted the police.