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'Blade-man' slashes children in Patna

Fear has gripped the state capital as young girls are attacked with a sharp weapon

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Patna A wave of terror has gripped Patna, the capital of Bihar state, after a dozen children were slashed by a an unidentified man wielding a sharp weapon.

The ‘blade-man' has caused so much panic among parents that they are not allowing their children to go out of their homes alone.

Most of the victims who were attacked by the ‘blade-man' are girls in the age-group of eight and 15. They had deep and sharp cuts, apparently made with a shaving blade, hence the moniker ‘blade-man'.

Hands cut

Most of cuts were on the victims' hands and they had to be admitted to hospitals as they bled profusely after the attacks.

The local residents complain the mysterious ‘blade-man' suddenly appears on the scene and quickly vanishes after attacking young girls.

Special team

Alarmed at the situation, the police have constituted a special team to nab the suspect, who some people have described a 25-year-old youth, wearing jeans, black shirt and a cap.

The state administration has also deployed police in civilian dress at various places in the state capital to keep a watch on this ‘blade-man'.

On Wednesday, the police have also released a sketch of the suspect to the local newspapers on the basis of statements given by the victims.

"I, along with my sister, was returning home after shopping when ‘blade-man' attacked us with a blade and fled.

"Initially, we failed to understand what went wrong, but cried with pain when we saw blood oozing from our arms," Jyoti, who has got eight stitches in her left arm, told the police.

Another girl, Hema Perveen, 12, had gone out to play with her friends but returned home shortly crying in pain.

Bleeding profusely

She too was bleeding profusely from a wound on her right arm.

"Hearing her cries, her harried parents rushed out to look for the accused but he melted into the crowd after attacking another girl," said the police.

The other victims include Rajnandini Kumari, 8, Soni, 8, and Muskan, 10.