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Black magician stabs man 'to cure illness'

Crowd beats him up and informs the police

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Patna: The Bihar police have arrested a black magician who ruthlessly stabbed a man claiming that it would cure him of his mental illness and help him lead a normal life.

The 55-year-old accused was apprehended on Friday evening while he was stabbing the victim Taleshwar Murmu (45) at the latter's residence in the Mehboob Khan locality in eastern Bihar's Purnia district.

"The more you endure the pain of the stab, the faster the cure," the black magician kept on telling the victim who, police said, kept on screaming loudly due to the severe pain from the stabbing.

Villagers action

Witnesses said on hearing the loud cries, the villagers rushed to the victim's house and were shocked to see the black magician stabbing the man. They said the accused hardly took any notice of the victim's painful cries or his appeals to stop the act as blood oozed from his chest.

The crowd, however, did not spare the black magician. They beat him up before informing the local police who rushed to the spot and arrested the accused.

The police have sent the accused to jail while the victim has been admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

Police have also jailed the victim's wife Rekha Soren for hiring the black magician to cure her husband.

"It was quite a horrible scene. The accused kept on stabbing the victim in the chest and showed no mercy towards him," said Mukesh Kumar Sinha, an eyewitness.

Common incident

Authorities blame such incidents on the low literacy rates among the residents of Purnia where such incidents are quite common.

Recently, the police came across another case and arrested a black magician who was called in by a woman to pass on his "magical powers" to her daughters so that she could take revenge on her quarrelsome neighbours.