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Afghanistan Taliban hostage 9: officials

Turkish nationals seized by Taliban after their helicopter made an emergency landing in Afghanistan

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Kabul: Taliban insurgents have seized nine people from a civilian helicopter which made an emergency landing in eastern Afghanistan, officials said Monday.

The Turkish civilian helicopter made an emergency landing on Sunday evening, said Rais Khan Sadeq, deputy police chief of Logar province south of Kabul.

“Security forces found the helicopter but the nine people were not in it. They are taken by the Taliban. They are Turkish nationals and are nine people including the crew,” Sadeq told AFP.

Hamidullah Hamid, governor of Azr district where the helicopter came down, also said nine Turks on board had been seized by the Taliban.

Hamid said the aircraft, which had came from the eastern city of Khost and was heading for Kabul, belonged to a Turkish company which has a big project in Khost but gave no details.

The International Security Assistance Force in Kabul said the force assisted a search by Afghan authorities for a helicopter but gave no details.

A spokesman said it was a civilian aircraft and not part of ISAF.