Eat for free at this cafe - if you do the dishes

Unique offer launched at the Fraiche Cafe to support global charity providing access to clean water in under-developed countries

  • Unique offer: At the end of the meal, the waitress brings the bill and offers customers the option of paying oImage Credit:
  • A matter of choice: You want to pay or do the dishesImage Credit:
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Dubai: A new café in Dubai is giving customers a neat deal: they can have their cake and eat it too, literally.

Customers at the Fraiche Café & Bistro can eat as much as they want and get their bills waived if they do their own dishes. What’s more, the bills’ value is donated to a charity.

The unique offer at the cafe which officially opened on September 3 in Cluster Y of Jumeirah Lake Towers, is valid from September 11 to 14. It is part of a campaign launched by Unilever and Vileda to support Water Aid, a global charity that provides access to clean water in less developed countries.

The campaign titled ‘Wipe your bill clean for Water Aid’ has a surprise element built into it. Customers discover the deal only at the end of their meal. The waitress who brings the bill provides them the option of either paying or doing dishes. “We wanted to give customers a pleasant surprise,” said Yousef Al Barqawi, the 29-year-old Jordanian owner of the café. “We want to see a sense of community and embraced the campaign to support a charitable cause.”

Although the restaurant is popular with office-goers during the week, families with children are also expected to throng the place during the weekend. Those who take up the offer get to do the cleaning with ‘Lux Sunlight’ dishwashing liquid and a ‘Vileda’ sponge - products supplied by sponsors. A takeaway bag with the two items is also given to them when they leave.

Asif Memon, Marketing Manager (Homecare) of Unilever said: “We have launched this as a pilot and will be scaling up the project next year. The campaign proceeds will go to Water Aid.”

The organisers said nearly 768 million people in the world do not have access to safe water and around 700,000 children die every year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. “Just Dh80 can provide one person with access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation.”

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  • Preeya

    12-Sep-2013 13:46

    What of all their customers choose to do dishes? How will the outlet make any money.......Let alone profits? Sounds fun but a bit impractical isnt it? :)

  • rita

    12-Sep-2013 11:10

    Very innovative idea !

  • Jaseena Yusuf

    12-Sep-2013 09:22

    That's such a fresh idea! Love it.

  • anu thomas

    12-Sep-2013 08:36

    I hope the customers are advised not to waste water while washing up and turn off the tap while scrubbing the dishes. After all it is a water aid charity and lets not end up in wasting this precious resource.

  • Laila Hassan

    12-Sep-2013 00:45

    What an excellent idea, it properly took one person to come up with the idea which will definitely change millions of lifes. Can't wait to visit the cafe.

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What of all their customers choose to do dishes? How will the outlet make any money.......Let alone profits? Sounds fun but a bit impractical isnt it? :)


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