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Mad rush for SIM card re-registration in UAE

TRA has given a timeframe of 18 months for subscribers to reregister their SIM cards under its ‘My Number, My Identity’ programme

  • By Naushad K. Cherrayil, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 17:27 April 16, 2013
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Atiq-Ur-Rehman/Gulf News
  • Etisalat subscribers line up to re-register their phone numbers on the last date.

Dubai: The third phase of SIM card re-registration ended on Tuesday and there was a mad rush at all the point of sales of etisalat, du and shopping centres.

Mandated by the UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority, re-registration will ultimately protect subscribers from misuse or confidentiality infringement.

Subscribers who have re-registered their SIM cards after getting an SMS notification within the due date will be prevented from disconnection of lines.

Those failing to submit their details will have outgoing calls blocked, but will receive incoming calls during the grace period.

The TRA has advised mobile subscribers to abide by the regulation and update their personal details through etisalat and du.

Etisalat and du did not respond to Gulf News queries, but du said that they will issue a press release late on Tuesday.

Mohammed Osman from Egypt said that he has been waiting in the queue for the past three hours at Dubai Mall.

“I came here at 8.30am and there is only three staff at the counter. They should have had more staff to complete the procedures fast. I don’t think all the people waiting in the queue will be able to complete it,” Osman said.

When asked why he had to wait for the last day, Osman said that he was on vacation and he had to extend his leave due to a personal problem.

An etisalat staff said at the counter said that the last two days have been hectic. Queues were growing late into the evenings. We expect the same today [Tuesday] also.

A new batch of the re-registration process will begin soon.

According to the TRA, etisalat has just over seven million mobile phone subscribers at the end of 2012 while Du had more than 6.5 million. The total number of mobile phone users in the UAE stood at 13.77 million last year.

TRA has given a timeframe of 18 months for subscribers to reregister their SIM cards under its ‘My Number, My Identity’ programme.

The process is divided into six stages to ensure that all of the users have successfully completed their registration during the timeframe.

All the mobile phone subscribers in the UAE should be registered by end of the year. After that, registered owners of the SIMs will have to bear any consequences for the misuse of the SIM cards issued in their names.

Comments (22)

  1. Added 16:44 April 17, 2013

    After standing for 3 hours for re-registration, I was told at the re-registration counter that my line was in the name of my previous company and refused to accept my documents. The line was purchased by me, the payment was made by me and the supporting documents attached to the application are mine but somebody put the company name in place of my name in the system. Later on, I went to the Etisalat main office, where they verified the documents and gave me in writing that the documents belong to me but still they remain adamant not to rectify the mistake in the system. I called the customer service, sent them emails and went to their main office and got the documents verified by still nobody was ready to act and I am unable to re-register my line which I have been using for the last seven years.

    James, Abu Dhabi, India

  2. Added 13:59 April 17, 2013

    I agree that people waiting till last day should not complain for lack staff or lack of online protals as everyone had 18 months to do the same job they chose to do on in the end.

    Umaiz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 13:49 April 17, 2013

    I have completed easily as I have-not rushed in last hour

    samiuddin, Oman, Oman

  4. Added 13:30 April 17, 2013

    When i went to SCC Counter and waited almots 30 mins. When i submitted the documents, the staff said there was some error and i have to visit the main office in Sharjah. After 2 days i went to Sahara Center counter and again waited for 45 mins. I have already done the Online Registration and got the reference number also. When my turn came, the staff said again i have to fill-up the form and there is no need fo reference number. Again the staff was getting the same error which was in SCC. But the staff pro-actively told me that i can go as he will try after sometime. And before i reached home, i got the message saying that the re-registration completed successfuly.

    Hari, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 13:30 April 17, 2013

    I have reistered my mobile number at salam brach office in Abu Dhabi. I submitted the required document at the counter and left . I asked for proof of submission and they said it is not required. Last month i again received the message to register my sim to avoid disconnection. What should i do in this case if my mobile gets disconnected?

    USMAN, ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 13:05 April 17, 2013

    there should be online procedure for registering the SIM Cards this is unnecessary havoc , tense to the public .

    dubailover, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 13:01 April 17, 2013

    What i feel is , this is a fault from the Etisalat/Du to maintain the data. We were given the documents when we were taken the connection. Then why are they asking again. X number have been given free on occation such as DSF and gitex with out proper documentation. Due to the mess up with the service providers , we are suffering now.Atleast this procedure should have been made online.

    Sree, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  8. Added 12:39 April 17, 2013

    i can only blame etislat for this 6 months i went for registration in an etisalat outlet they told me if u receive the message then only i need to so tell me whom to blame ? i got the re registration message 2 weeks back only. All this process should have been made online to public technology is really advanced here in uae and etisalat had take a huge step back towards stone age. Really a bid mess thats all i can say

    vinod, abudhabi, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 12:38 April 17, 2013

    Received the SMS only on the 15th & before that whenever I visited they kept asking show me the sms then only we can register. So how come they expect us to finish of the registration with a one day notice

    George, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  10. Added 12:34 April 17, 2013

    I have completed this requirement before end of last year. how many times do they have to extend this?

    tanya, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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