Need a salary raise? Show a job letter

Study reveals employers have increased their use of ‘counteroffers' to retain talent in the country

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Dubai: Workers who want a salary bump should consider telling their boss they have a better job offer, a report has claimed.

A recruitment survey by Robert Half UAE revealed yesterday that over the past six months employers have increased their use of ‘counteroffers', in an effort to stop top workers being tempted to rival firms.

Over 71 per cent of senior human resources executives spoken to expressed concern over losing top performers in 2012, while 36 per cent said they had noticed that companies are increasingly willing to offer more money to workers who stay.

"Companies are starting to realise that they need to recognise their top performers or risk losing them to other organisations," said James Sayer, associate director, Robert Half UAE.

But research revealed that a bigger salary is only part of the issue. "Counteroffers… often only work as a temporary solution, with the employee leaving shortly thereafter," said Sayer. Sayer added that more and more employers are offering extra perks to workers who stay with the company. Almost 90 per cent said they offered work laptops or mobile phones, over 50 per cent a company car and 39 per cent offered meal vouchers.



    Mar 28, 2012 5:58

    Six months before I tried samething, but my company reduce my salary,I have no other option, thats why still I am with that company,its my bad luck,any way we can try our luck

  • Soyab Sarowar

    Mar 28, 2012 5:36

    I am working with a shipping company . and getting salary what ever it was suppos to get before 2 years, that amount i am getting after two year, i am degree holder. but as per rual i am not getting .and about increment salary many times said, for me not giving any respond, even company business is not bad,so i decide one more time i asked my employe tobe think about my salary with my position and work enviroment , if not getting any positibe answer, i will search new job from another place where i can feel happy with my like and will be work more heard for them also .

  • Menon

    Mar 28, 2012 3:47

    If the employer does not see you worth a pay raise, accept the better offer at hand and leave. If I receive a better offer, I would just leave and will not stay back even if I receive a counter-offer for double the amount. Otherwise, I may end up sourcing such appointment letters each year to negotiate increments. After working in a company for quite sometime, if they cannot value your worth correctly, it is always better to seek a change.

  • Mustaqeem Chaudhry

    Mar 28, 2012 3:39

    GOOD PROPOSAL:If you have really better offer then you should move to new employer. There will be two impact of this action:1. You will get a better salary with new employer2. Your co-worker with 1st employer will get auto increase if they deserve.

  • nasir

    Mar 28, 2012 2:47

    Hi dis is nasir and i am working in dubaii for over 7 years in the same company with driving license but till now the company has not grown up and even my salary also not grown up?

  • yusef

    Mar 28, 2012 12:45

    It happens to me in my current company (i spent 4years), we are teaching the new employees whom they got almost double our salary < thou' they don't have knowledge about the job,- (that is a big slap in myface). in a year at least 5 to 10 senior/top productive employees leaving the company because of the same incident.

  • rajrohan

    Mar 28, 2012 12:28

    the article is very true....this is the real scenario running in most of the companies..

  • marianne martinez

    Mar 28, 2012 12:27

    everybody wants to have salary increased,in my side i want to stay in one company for a better and good relation,but for staying longer after 3 years only i got 20% increased not to bad.but for having 2000dhs salary is not enough for me to survive in the uae as everything here is increasing the rent,the dewa,specially the can we send money in our native for them also to survive for having 3 children sending both of them to school only for that we cannot tell we cannot borrow money from others and take note with 10% monthly. then why we can't go for the good offer and opportunity only knocks once.mostly company and the boss don't understand the defficulties of each employee..

  • Ahmad

    Mar 28, 2012 12:08

    Yes I agree with the comments, Employers always play with the sentiments of Employees, irrespective of their hard work and dedications, Employers always blame the staff, its only the Employers who is the decision maker in the office they forcely tell the staff to do this that etc, when they fail in that project they directly blame to the staff by giving stupid reasons and they fire employees they wont give salaries for months etc. one think employer has to understand that they are the major decision maker if they fail they are the loser it means they did the wrong planning, employee came here just to earn the money every person has some needs and wants, responsibilities of family, employees came here just to do earn the money not to do the charity work for the company. I believe in one thing join the company show the best performance if the employer is not supporting you in all aspects then change the company, definitely some other companies will understand your worth they will pay you very good pay package. join that company who is giving you good pay package at the end only money matters.

  • syed ashfaq

    Mar 28, 2012 11:31

    yes i will change my job if my boss not increase my salary if i am deserving person to get increase

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Six months before I tried samething, but my company reduce my salary,I have no other option, thats why still I am with that company,its my bad luck,any way we can try our luck


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