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Dubai residents to use Emirates ID to access government services

Move saves customers from the need to have multiple accounts, official says

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Dubai: Starting from October this year Dubai residents will be able to access all government services using their Emirates ID, Dubai eGovernment announced on Monday.

MyID is a new initiative launched by eGovernment in cooperation with the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID). The initiative will cover all government entities in Dubai and will include more than 20 government entities in its first phase.

Ahmad Bin Humaidan, director-general of Dubai eGovernment, said: “In line with the higher leadership’s directives to make the switch to eGovernment, it has become necessary for Dubai eGovernment to establish a secure and unified electronic identity to allow easier access to government services through a single electronic identity.”

Services can be extended to include semi-government entities and the private sector, he added.

Currently, to access government services, customers must pre-register at each government entity to establish a username and password, Bin Humaidan said.

“Customers must manage multiple electronic identities and accounts, which creates an additional burden and a barrier to eServices adoption.

“MyID spares customers from the need to have multiple accounts or establish new personal credentials every time they register with a government entity in Dubai. This is poised to contribute to government integration and interrelation as a key driver of eTransformation in Dubai.”

He added that Dubai eGovernment builds on the current Emirates ID to establish a single unified electronic identity. The single MyID credentials (username and password) allow easier access to all government services and direct interaction with all Dubai-based government entities via smartphones or online.

Ali Mohammad Al Khouri, director-general of Emirates ID, said: “The Emirates ID is the official document adopted by the government to ensure physical identification.

“The Emirates ID is the ideal choice for physical identity verification as it includes all personal data on the electronic chip.”

Based on the use of national ID, MyID is based on open secure industry standards, he added.



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I applied for my son's emirates ID(Below 15 years), but still to date I have not received the card. whenever I call customer service or visit 2 times to ID office to file a case, every time i just get reply its under printing since last 8 months. now also system is showing same!

Satish Shetty

4 June 2013 15:24jump to comments