Dubai residents to use Emirates ID to access government services

Move saves customers from the need to have multiple accounts, official says

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Dubai: Starting from October this year Dubai residents will be able to access all government services using their Emirates ID, Dubai eGovernment announced on Monday.

MyID is a new initiative launched by eGovernment in cooperation with the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID). The initiative will cover all government entities in Dubai and will include more than 20 government entities in its first phase.

Ahmad Bin Humaidan, director-general of Dubai eGovernment, said: “In line with the higher leadership’s directives to make the switch to eGovernment, it has become necessary for Dubai eGovernment to establish a secure and unified electronic identity to allow easier access to government services through a single electronic identity.”

Services can be extended to include semi-government entities and the private sector, he added.

Currently, to access government services, customers must pre-register at each government entity to establish a username and password, Bin Humaidan said.

“Customers must manage multiple electronic identities and accounts, which creates an additional burden and a barrier to eServices adoption.

“MyID spares customers from the need to have multiple accounts or establish new personal credentials every time they register with a government entity in Dubai. This is poised to contribute to government integration and interrelation as a key driver of eTransformation in Dubai.”

He added that Dubai eGovernment builds on the current Emirates ID to establish a single unified electronic identity. The single MyID credentials (username and password) allow easier access to all government services and direct interaction with all Dubai-based government entities via smartphones or online.

Ali Mohammad Al Khouri, director-general of Emirates ID, said: “The Emirates ID is the official document adopted by the government to ensure physical identification.

“The Emirates ID is the ideal choice for physical identity verification as it includes all personal data on the electronic chip.”

Based on the use of national ID, MyID is based on open secure industry standards, he added.


  • Satish Shetty

    Jun 4, 2013 3:20

    I applied for my son's emirates ID(Below 15 years), but still to date I have not received the card. whenever I call customer service or visit 2 times to ID office to file a case, every time i just get reply its under printing since last 8 months. now also system is showing same!

  • Imad

    Jun 4, 2013 2:51

    I had applied for a renewal of ID last year in June. Till May 2013, there was no intimation/action what-so-ever, despite several calls and reminders to them. One fine day i called the help line and the representative asked me to carry the application paper to the nearest EIDA office andthey will resolve the issue. When i went there, they told me that at the time of renewal, my visa information was not entered in the system. How it can be possible? The next day i got my ID from the same office. Beauty of the story is, yesterday i received sms saying that my ID is ready for collection.

  • Emirates Identity Authority

    Jun 4, 2013 2:17

    Dear Ana Haku, Since your sponsorship has been changed, you are kindlyrequested to apply for a new Emirates ID card to match the new visadetails. Please visit the following link for more details about that. Visit us on facebook: Emirates Identity AuthorityTwitter: @EmiratesID

  • Devaraj

    Jun 4, 2013 2:03

    I recently ended up paying a fine of Dh1,000 for renewing my ward's expired Emirates ID. When I enquired at EIDA office I was told that it was my mistake as I had not renewed the Emirates ID during the visa renewal. Conceding to the fact that I had overlooked the expiry date, is not peculiar that the residence was renewed without insisting on a parallel renewal of the Emirates ID? Ideally, rather than leaving the burden of going through the two renewals on us the authorities should interlock both. Or even better, include the charge of ID renewal along with the charge of residence renewal and provide us with both services in tandem.

  • Eugene

    Jun 4, 2013 1:13

    I've tried this. Registered, got the username and password, logged-in, then i went to the procedure of renewing my ID. But there's page that ask about Arabic details to type in. How can I provide that? Meaning this is only for individual who can type Arabic?

  • Ramani Rajan

    Jun 4, 2013 11:52

    When a system is being introduced there will be some practical hick-ups where as once everthing is systemised and all the practical problems are sorted out, people will be at ease and definitely appreciate the authorities' efforts. I remember when I came to Dubai in the year 1989, there were few banks and a particular ATM card were to be used only in the issuing bank whereas after introducing the system of using ATM cards in any bank's ATM, now we feel it comfortable. Whereas initially there were some draw backs which were sorted out subsequently. Inspite of initialpractical problems, we have to encourage authorities' efforts to new technologies which is aimed at easing out all the day-to-day problems faced by the general public by physically approaching the government departments. Having said that, the authorities also should attend to thepractical problems brought to their notice by the consumers. I only wish good luck to UAE.

  • ana haku

    Jun 4, 2013 11:49

    i had cancelled my job and went to my country and i came back on my husband's visa. still i have the Emirates ID card as the company did not take it. now what is the procedure to make new? and do i have to pay any fine for it?please advice

  • Faisal

    Jun 4, 2013 11:42

    I would like to inquire that I heard filing a police case against any individual still requires a passport details, will UAE ID be sufficient for all government services?

  • Jirina

    Jun 4, 2013 11:01

    I've applied for ID on February 1, 2012. March 31, 2013 i did my fingerprints and all was done, except that i have not receive my ID since then. Yes, it's been 16 months! Going to Emirates ID offices doesn't help either, even though i changed my job meanwhile. So i hope thisonline system will be helpful!

  • Lalita

    Jun 4, 2013 10:08

    I have changed my job and visa. My previous ID has been cancelled, and Ihave already apply for my new one but haven't receive it yet. So, it isabout 2 months, I don't have the Emirates ID, and it is not my fault. Itmeans, that at this stage I am not able to access the Governmentalsites? This really makes our life more complicated.

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I applied for my son's emirates ID(Below 15 years), but still to date I have not received the card. whenever I call customer service or visit 2 times to ID office to file a case, every time i just get reply its under printing since last 8 months. now also system is showing same!

Satish Shetty

4 June 2013 15:24jump to comments