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DSF to present musical play for Rahbani

Al Ard El Ghjar will deliver message about social and political justice

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Dubai: At the bottom of the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, gipsy tents will be spotted for three days to deliver a message to people about social and political justice through an Arabic play, by Rahbani production, A Ard El Ghajar (On the Land of the Gypsies).

Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment (Depe) will present the musical play from January 10-12 during the 18th Dubai Shopping Festival which will kick off on January 3.

The play depicts the fate of an Arab emigrant who returns to his homeland to find that the land that belonged to his family has been taken over, in collusion with government officials, by gypsies who have decided to occupy it permanently.

Then he embarked on a struggle to claim his right. It is a struggle that exposes the corruption and injustices of society and politics and also leads him to find true love.

There is a conflict at the heart of the play that asks what is more important, the land or people?

Marwan Rahbain, president and CEO of Rahbani Production, said: “In light of events in the Arab world, the play does not address immigration as much as it explores the struggle between what is more important, the land or people and whether people are subject to fate or have a role in their own destiny.”

Ebrahim Saleh, festivals coordinator general of Depe, said: “In line with the DSF marketing slogan ‘Dubai at its Best’, the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment will strive to present the best the world has to offer in terms of entertainment and culture to residents and visitors alike.”

“Hosting a play produced by the renowned Rahbani family in a city that embraces different cultures, arts and media, is just one of the numerous ways that we ensure there is something that is of the highest quality and also memorable for all sections of society, who are looking forward to the month-long extravaganza.”

On his part Rahbani added: “Dubai, a city that is constantly engaged in fostering better understanding between cultures, has given the world some of the most spectacular and memorable events.”

“In this regard, DSF still continues to play the stellar role in showcasing Dubai’s multicultural dimensions across the world. It is a pleasure for production houses like ours to be involved in an extravaganza like the DSF, as it also gives us an opportunity to showcase the scope of our work to visitors from different cultural backgrounds, and more importantly to an appreciative and knowledgeable audience Connoisseurs of art and theatre will be enchanted by this musical which will be full of rich dialogues, vibrant costumes, lilting songs and beautiful choreography”.

Written, composed and produced by Gadi Rahbani, the play is directed by Marwan Rahbani and features such luminaries of Arabic musical theatre as Gassan Saliba, Aline Lahoud, Paul Sleiman and Pierre Chamoun, among others. They will be supported by more than 70 actors, singers and dancers on stage in what promises to be a show that will reflect the Dubai Shopping Festival’s spirit in its grandeur and scope.



What: Arabic play, A Ard El Ghajar (On the Land of the Gypsies)

When: January 10th to 12th

Where: Burj Park, Downtown Dubai

Ticket price: from Dh200 up to Dh700