Price war for latest iPhone gets under way

Many retailers ship instruments from UK and Canada and offer cheaper rates by cutting profit margins

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The new Apple iPhone 4S with doubly fast phone chip, a better camera as well as Siri,an audio program that assists users with commands, has pushed the sales up.
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Dubai: The UAE pricing war for new iPhone 4S has begun.

In the wake of prices as high as Dh7,999 for grey-market versions of the 64GB model in the UAE, other retailers came out swinging yesterday with online price tags far cheaper in an attempt to cash in on the overwhelming demand for the new phone.

Sanjay Amarnani, CEO of online portal, said that compared to one competitor selling the 16GB version for Dh5,999, aido is selling the same phone now for Dh3,489.

"We work on very tight margins. We buy from authorised dealers in the UK and Canada," said Amarnani, who said he has sold 200 units since Sunday and has two more shipments en route to the UAE. "We could easily charge Dh8,000 but that's not what we aim for. We want to make it accessible for them [buyers]."

"What about the others who can't afford the Dh8,000 but want the Apple product?" he queried, noting that he visited a Dubai mall kiosk where the 16GB phone was being sold for Dh6,600.

Apple announced yesterday that it has sold four million of its new iPhone 4S only three days after launching the handheld device on October 14 at its Cupertino, California, headquarters.

The phone was officially released in Canada and the US on Friday but no date has been announced for the iPhone 4S model's first authorised appearance in the UAE. The phone should be here officially in November or December, say tech pundits.

Telephony and e-commerce companies, meanwhile, have already been working around the clock to get their first shipments of iPhone 4S models into the UAE after purchasing them from authorised dealers in the UK and Canada.

Other online portals in the UAE are offering the new iPhone 4S for more reasonable prices.

The website was offering the new iPhone 4S yesterday for different prices on several models, including the 16GB model for Dh3,999.

SIASA Telecom said yesterday that it is issuing new iPhone 4S units to retailers across Dubai and GCC after receiving deliveries in Dubai.

Mohammad Sadiq, director of SIASA Telecom, said, "We have been inundated with orders from the GCC since the iPhone 4S was announced on October 4. We have had a hard time getting hold of stock and still have retail demands to meet before month end."

He noted that his company is one "of the first mobile phone distributors to import the units to the UAE since it officially went on the market for sale on October 14. The new smartphone landed in Dubai last night and will go on to be distributed to retailers around Dubai and the GCC this week."

iPhone 4s: Apple stunned by sales

Not long after sales topped an historic one million the first day for the new iPhone 4S, Apple announced yesterday that the run on the phones continues. Since its launch on October 14, the iPhone 4S has sold more than four million units.

"iPhone 4S is off to a great start with more than four million sold in its first weekend — the most ever for a phone and more than double the iPhone 4 launch during its first three days," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice-president of Worldwide Product Marketing, in a statement.

"iPhone 4S is a hit with customers around the world, and together with iOS 5 and iCloud, is the best iPhone ever."

The company also said yesterday that other new product launches are spiralling beyond expectations with more than 25 million customers now using the iOS 5 operating system by Apple within the first five days of its release. Apple also claimed that "more than 20 million customers have signed up for iCloud".


  • Danish Jafri

    Oct 18, 2011 1:55

    Be patience guys...its electronics and the price will become stabel by time. I dont understand why on earth you want to become one of the first 10 or 100 buyers...The iPhone 4s looks really nice but wait for few days and get it in its real price

  • Syniora

    Oct 18, 2011 11:52

    I feel sorry for those who spent more than enough for a mobile. I too have an Iphone but I waited and bought it for a decent price. I like iphone it is bad idea to be the first few to buy that mobile by spending a lot.

  • John

    Oct 18, 2011 11:36

    Why in the world would anyone pay anything more than the Apple retail price is beyond me., you can buy it from Apple direct at normal prices. The Apple online UAE retail store opened last month. I bought an Airport Extreme for almost half the price istyle were charging in Dubai Mall.You are buying a quality product, don't settle for one with no warranty, not to mention illegal and not TRA compliant (keeping in mind iPhones are region specific). If you end up with an iPhone that doesn't comply with TRA regulations, you could end up in trouble. Don't risk it.

  • Shahab

    Oct 18, 2011 11:14

    Why they charge so much when market price for unlocked Iphone 4S as of now is 850 US$ for 64 GB, 16 GB – $649, 32 GB – $749 ??

  • Shabeer

    Oct 18, 2011 10:42

    Whatever brand & features it have, paying more than AED 5,000 for a phone is just foolishness, when the electronics prices are very less .

  • Peter

    Oct 18, 2011 9:39

    You could check your sources ... didn't deliver 1 iPhone 4S yet, it is only pre-orders. I tried to buy it from them and they do not deliver, it is easy to put a cheap price if you don't actually have the iPhone 4S in stock. Same thing for Jadopado, they reduced their price but it was sold for 6000 aed on Sunday itself on their website.

  • LA

    Oct 18, 2011 9:19

    This price hike is preposterous. Greed obviously has no limits. The fame of being the first few to own the iPhone4s in the country will be extremely short lived and retailers are enjoying the exorbitant benefits, something these buyers do not realise or think about. I too am looking forward to owning an iPhone4s, but would rather wait till the phone is officially launched here at realistic and reasonable prices. I'm sure Siri will agree

  • Rachel Wood

    Oct 18, 2011 9:15

    I had ordered the iPhone 4 from their website also and got it delivered. Initially I was not sure but am confident this time.Their prices are always the lowest

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Be patience guys...its electronics and the price will become stabel by time. I dont understand why on earth you want to become one of the first 10 or 100 buyers...The iPhone 4s looks really nice but wait for few days and get it in its real price

Danish Jafri

18 October 2011 16:28jump to comments