Officials to monitor labour accommodation

Officials to check whether or not companies are following new criteria for habitable labour accommodations.

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A l abour accommodation at Dubai Investments Park. The labour ministry has asked for supervision of facilities which will help improve the living conditions of workers.
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Dubai: A new section to monitor labour accommodations in the country has been established, said a senior ministry of labour official.

Humaid Bin Deemas, Acting Director General at the ministry, said during a press gathering that a new section has been set up to supervise the implementation of the "Manual of the General Criteria for Workers Accommodations".

"The main task of the new section will be to supervise the implementation of the new criteria for the labour accommodation in cooperation with other concerned bodies and private companies," said Bin Deemas.

The manual, which provides a unified rule for labour accommodations standards in the country including free zones, was approved by the cabinet in June.

The decision took effect at the beginning of this month and the companies are given a maximum of five years to either build new accommodations or upgrade the current ones to meet the new standards.

The new criteria will affect two million construction workers and was proposed by the ministry of labour to improve workers' living conditions.

The new section, which will supervise the implementation of the new criteria, will be part of the ministry's inspection department.

"The section is to create a complete database on all labour accommodations to facilitate the implementation of the decision," said Bin Deemas.

The section is also responsible for suggesting new rules and regulations which aim to contribute to the implementation of the new criteria, according to Bin Deemas.

Municipalities across the country will have to apply the new criteria. Earlier, each municipality used to follow its own criteria which resulted in different emirates having different labour accommodation standards.

The ministry is already coordinating with the various municipalities to find the best possible ways to implement the decision and they are already providing training and assistance for the municipalities' inspections.

Bin Deemas called on all companies to cooperate with the ministry to implement the new criteria and provide suitable accommodation for their workers.

"The quality of labour accommodations is one of our main priorities at the ministry and more emphasis will be put on this issue in the coming period," said Bin Deemas.

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This is very good idea for the benefits of all employees. But I would suggest to give the private sector time for providing decent accommodation for their workers. We all know that some real estate companies are taking advantage of this situation by giving high prices and commissions. That's why you can't blame small private company to find accommodations for their people even they are not comfortable due to small spaces, because company can't afford such normal places for their people. I'm an employee of small private company but I understand my company situations due to crisis that we are all experiencing. Thank you
Posted: September 06, 2009, 15:25

I really appreciate the efforts taken by the officials to implement the new monitoring dept. ICAD in Musaffah-Abudhabi is a "real home away from home" for many expat labours. HATS OFF to UAE
Abu Dhabi,UAE
Posted: September 06, 2009, 13:42

I am so pleased to hear about these changes for the poor people who work the hardest, in the worst conditions. So far they have hard days and had to go 'home' to no a/c, no proper toilet facilities, rooms into which so many of them are expected to share its not human ... this is an answered prayer.
Posted: September 06, 2009, 12:39

I agree with the current standardisation of the labor accommodations during inspection. However, they must implement strict compliance for the companies who has labour accommodations because majority of those have violated and there are some companies who are ignoring the policies. Life is at risks if companies will not comply especially for the workers. I am looking forward to the outstanding performance of the implementation.
Ancito Hugnac
Al Ain,UAE
Posted: September 06, 2009, 11:28