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Business manager claims arbitrary dismissal

Emirati was hired for just six months

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Abu Dhabi: An Emirati manager says that he was unfairly dismissed and has called on the Ministry of Labour to solve his problem. He says he was ignored and demotivated at work before his services were terminated just six months after joining a private local company in Abu Dhabi a year ago. The Ministry of Labour is still investigating the case although the dismissal become effective some six months ago.

Hamad Khamis, who holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, was assigned as a business development support manager for the Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (Adnic).

He said he has worked in the field for more than 15 years and was surprised by his arbitrary dismissal. He claims that Adnic, who employed him a year ago, never gave him a chance to prove himself at work. He says he was also never given a labour contract to sign and had no job description.

“I tried hard to work and to prove myself in the field of insurance but I was never given a chance,” Khamis told Gulf News.

Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Chief Corporate Marketing and Communications Officer at Adnic, told Gulf News that Khamis did not work properly and had an attitude problem.

He said that Khamis never signed an attendance record at work and did not report for work for six months.

“Adnic is a leading company and we are leaders in Emiratisation and we support Emiratis,” he said.

“There are 61 insurance companies in the country and we maintained a good record in terms of achieving a high rate of Emiratisation. Adnic is the only insurance company who has two Emirati managers,” said Al Nuaimi.

The complainant said the company’s human resources manager had asked him to resign from his previous post to join Adnic and the sudden dismissal had ruined his life.

“I was promised I would be trained and given the chance to work but instead I was forced to sit at the counter in the office doing nothing all day,” said Khamis.

“I joined work in April last year but I was not given any real job title. I was only introduced to other employees. I spent the first month at work waiting for an assignment to be given to me,” he said.

Khamis added that he started to work by himself and approached clients and got several deals.

“I asked the management to send me for training courses and they rejected all my requests. After insisting, I was sent for only one training course,” he said.

“If I came with any deal it was ignored,” he said.

Khamis said he was demotivated and ignored at work for no reason

He said that after six months he complained to the Insurance Authority.

“The same day I raised my complaint to the Insurance Authority and while I was driving back home from Abu Dhabi to Dubai I received an e-mail on my mobile from work,” he said.

“I parked my car on the side of the road to read it and I was shocked to see my termination letter,” he said.

Khamis added that his work e-mails were instantly blocked.

He said he also complained at the Ministry of Labour, and claimed that the ministry was still investigating his case.