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Infiniti brings back the Q

First model with new branding will be QX70 which replaces the popular FX

Image Credit: Courtesy: Infiniti
The Infiniti QX70 crossover replaces the FX as the carmakerbegins a full renewal of its line-up.
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Dubai: For the high-end carmaker Infiniti, it will all crystallize into the ‘Q’ (or QX for that matter) now. The first model under the new nomenclature — the QX70 crossover and replacement for the hugely popular FX — will make it to regional showrooms in a matter of weeks.

It will be the Q plus a two-digit number to denote a sedan model and QX plus the number for a SUV or crossover offering.

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So, what does the shift denote? According to Samir Cherfan, regional managing director for Infiniti-Nissan, it means a full renewal of the line-up and a unique mechanism to reposition the brand onto a wider global footprint, from 50 markets now to 70. That would help push volumes to the 500,000 units mark in the medium-term compared with the 173,000 units sold in the 12 months ended March 31, 2013.

“The name change is thus a simple and effective tool to represent a clear hierarchy of models and flexibility on engine options,” said Cherfan.

Following the QX70, the pipeline of new models launches will be kept active, though the official did not go into the details of what these would be and when. But he made clear that the Q transformation will not alter Infiniti’s pricing strategy. (The current eight model line-up will also be widened by another four over the next four years.)

In the current financial year, the marque sold 1,200 units in these markets and the target is to touch 6,000 units for the full one as against the 4,942 units last year.

A marketing and branding strategy will be unveiled closer to the launch phase for the new Q-branded range.

Interestingly, the move represents a reintroduction of sorts, with the Q being assigned to the very first Infiniti model — the Q45 — built in 1989. It is heritage time, so to speak.

“We aim to compete at the top of the premium automotive league with our product, brand appeal and customer experience,” said Cherfan. “In just over 12 months, we have come a long way in making the structural changes required to deliver this.”