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Dubai: If you were pondering which day of the week would be ideal to pick up fruits, the answer is - any day of the week. A study of prices over the last six weeks showed that the cost of fruits stayed largely in check all week long.

The price of bananas stayed the same the past six weeks, so did oranges. Moreover, the per-kilogram cost of lemons dropped as well last month. So, that would be good news for those who are looking for cost-effective days to shop for citric fruits!

However, a trend was observed when analysing the cost of apples and lime, which rose slightly towards the end of the week and got comparatively cheaper at the start of the week, particularly Sunday and Monday - making those days an ideal time to get some fruit shopping done!

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When analysing prices of fruit during the end of July and the start of August, the cost of fruits like bananas, apples, and citric fruits like oranges, lemon and lime, all stayed largely in check.

However, for those fruits that fluctuated ever-so-slightly, namely bananas and lemon, prices were seen higher at the start of the week on Sunday and it got cheaper towards the end of the week. Again, proving that the weekend is a great time to shop for fruits!

Veggies get cheap mid-week!

When it comes to vegetables, prices of items like tomatoes, potatoes and lettuce were mostly seen dropping mid-week in the last six weeks.

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The cost of onions, another common household staple, stayed the same all through last month at Dh1.9 per-kilogram, which would be received as good news for people looking to plan their grocery costs ahead. However, a trend was observed in the price of cucumbers, which was seen getting cheaper at the start of the week.

During the end of July and the starting weeks of August, the cost of most vegetables got cheaper towards the end of the week, backing a pattern that mid-week is the perfect time to get some vegetables shopping done!