Huawei has a definite winner with the brand new P50 Pro smartphone

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Huawei has a definite winner with the brand new P50 Pro smartphone

P50 Pro from Huawei is one of the most aesthetically beautiful smartphones in the market currently. The brand continues to impress with high performance, enduring devices with high build quality that combines the best of tech design and functionality when it comes to end-user experience.

With an incredible dual-matrix camera design that brings high resolution, incredible zoom range and true colour to every image you capture. Ergonomically, it is a very comfortable device to use that offers a highly customizable operating system.

The sound and moving picture quality promises a great viewing experience, along with offering the user the ability to use it as a mini office in your hand. Some might hesitate because the Google Playstore is not available offering GMS services, but most of that is overcome using APK (an application file ready for installation in an Android device), that can be easily found via Petal Search or even if you search within the Huawei AppGallery. They offer an efficient HMS services instead that tap into the full capabilities that the device has on offer.

Speaking of efficiencies, one of my favourites is the multi-screen collaboration if you own a Huawei MatePad or MateBook, converting the smartphone into what the brand terms a ‘super device’. It is super convenient, you can drag-drop or manage files from your phone onto your laptop, as the device is mirrored on it.

Accompanied by a supercharger that ensures you never run out of battery life, the Huawei P50 Pro is a definite winner.

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