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While Eid Al Fitr has not been confirmed, tentative dates are June 25 or 26. 

Private sector holidays

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced that the first and second days of Eid Al Fitr will be paid holidays for private sector employees.

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Public sector holidays

The Eid Al Fitr holiday for staff at government ministries and departments will begin on Saturday, June 24, or the 29th day of Ramadan, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources announced.

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Everything you need to know

What is it? Eid Al Fitr is a celebration which marks the end of Ramadan. it is a time to show kindness to others and love for Allah.

When is it? After the last day of Ramadan, on the first day of Shawwal. This year, Eid Al Fitr is predicted to begin on Wednesday, July 6. 

How do we know when Ramadan is over? The moon-sighting committee in Saudi Arabia will announce the end of Ramadan. The announcement automatically signals the start of Eid Al Fitr.

What does it mean? Roughly translated, Eid Al Fitr means “festival of ending the fast”.

How long does it lasts? Technically, Eid Al Fitr lasts for one day, although celebrations can last for up to three days.

Is it a public holiday? Yes! Eid Al Fitr is a public holiday in the UAE. However, how many days off work you are granted varies year on year.

What is the greeting? Greet people by saying “Eid Mubarak”. This translates into “Happy Eid”.

Join the celebrations by using the hashtag #EidMubarak and #EidAlFitr.

What do Muslims do during Eid? It is customary for a Muslim to wake before sunrise and clean themselves and dress in smart clothes before going to offer the Fajr prayers.

As fasting is forbidden during Eid, Muslims will have a light breakfast, often signified with dates. After this they attend special prayers called Salaat.

It is also essential that Muslims donate to charity to help the poor and needy before the Eid prayers. This is called “Zakat”, and the amount which is given to charity is calculated based on one’s personal possessions.

Muslims are required to walk to Eid prayers and forgive and forget any arguments that they may have had over the last year.

Prayers The Eid Al Fitr prayers are called “Salat Al Eid” in Arabic. There is no audible call to prayer for the Eid prayers. Muslims will gather in a mosque or open space en masse and offer two units of prayer – called “Rakaat”. A sermon follows, which asks Allah for forgiveness, mercy, and peace for every being across the world.

Decoration The UAE goes to great lengths to decorate itself during Eid Al Fitr. Municipal areas, buildings, shops, roads and houses are decorated in lights and other cheerful adornments.

Eid Al Fitr for non-Muslims There are no special requirements for non-Muslims during Eid Al Fitr, although they are encouraged to greet others with “Eid Mubarak” and join the festivities.

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