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Kochi, Kotte, Thiruvananthapuram, Istanbul, Amman, Bali and Cairo are a few destinations that are the most popular for residents to fly to from the UAE. Some of these are home countries of expats while others are loved tourist destinations. The rates and seasons differ based on which emirate (Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah) you're flying out of as well. 

Skyscanner.ae has found the best time to book flights (in weeks before departure date) to these cities. 

Book the cheapest tickets

To book the cheapest available tickets, you need to book in advance. In some cases, that may be as less as 2 weeks, while in others it could be as high as 24 weeks (around 6 months).

This table gives the best and ideal number of weeks in advance to book your flights at the cheapest rate. This only works if you know when you expect to travel and doesn't take your airline choice into consideration.

  In number of weeks before departure date
Destination Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah
Amman 4 or 21 24  
Amsterdam 22    
Bali (DPS) 15, 20 or 24    
Bangkok 23    
Beirut 24 7  
Cairo 2 or 4 3, 4 or 5  
Cebu 23    
Chennai 5 5  
Goa 16    
Hyderabad 2    
Islamabad 15 or 24    
Istanbul 19    
Karachi 22 or 23    
Kochi 4 or 5 15 2
Kotte 4    
Kozhikode 4 16 3
Kuala Lumpur 16 or 19    
Lahore 20    
London 22    
Manchester 18    
Mangalore 12    
Manila 3 or 6 19, 20 or 22  
Mumbai 15 or 18 22  
New Delhi 19    
Prague 18    
Singapore 24    
Thiruvananthapuram 8 18 2

Note: Some destinations are not featured in the Abu Dhabi and Sharjah column as those aren't frequent destinations for travellers out of those emirates booking on Skyscanner.

The data is based on historical flight data of travellers from the UAE, and costs are considered as average flight ticket rates. As this is more of a trend analysis, do your own research, use our tips on booking cheap flights, try various websites and talk to your airline before making your final decision.